day one: name that generation

generation 1979.

there you are!

the origin of this project:  finding a name for generation 1979.  of course, by 1979 i mean those of ya’ll who were late 70’s early 80’s babies.  YOU DEFINITELY KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

the need to find a title for my generation probably, but not exclusively, comes from being old enough to realize that i actually have a generation.  that i’m part of something that extends beyond geography and is as unique as garbage pail kids and collective as still using the phrase “broken record”.  most of us were born when carter was president.  we have things in common like remembering taking typing or rocking it with lemonade stand and/or duck hunt.   we remember hearing a song debut for the first time on the radio.  we were there to see music videos have world premieres on mtv.  on that note, we remember the first real world.   we grew up with idealism and the ice cream truck and trusted that we’d have the opportunities that our parents had if we worked hard.  we are old enough to be thriving and we’ve been hit hard by more than one recession.   our college years were during the reign of clinton and internet start-up companies.  our post-college years were filled with eight years of bush, the aftermath of september 11th, the tech-bubble crash and two wars.  we are smart and a lot of us have been hit hard by credit card bills, student loan debt and ballooning health care costs.

FIRST QUESTION:  if you could give this generation a name, what would it be?

many things happened to spark my curiosity in creating a project that unites and strengthens a generation which is often looked over and is very important.

1.  the turning point for me was last week when i had the courage to actually open up my student loan bill instead of just making the monthly payment.   i saw the cold, hard print that i still owe a whole lot of money and have paid 13,000 dollars in interest for my liberal arts education.

2.  i went to a wedding where i was reunited with old friends from the 1979 generation.  i had a few essential conversations.  i decided to stop with the moping and do something more constructive. 

like co-create a performance about my generation with people of my generation.

this is a project, an experiment in how to put definition to a collective generational experience.  and turn it into a traveling show!

i’m planning a tour of the show PROJECT1979, beginning in november 2011 in chicago, illinois and ending in november 2012 of the following year.  i’m heading out with my geo prism and lots of good intentions, taking myself and a whole lot of ideas from you all and making a show out of being from the 1979 generation.  can i stay on your couch?

are you an artist?  banker?  baby-maker?  are you nice?  who are you?

in the next six weeks (and during the tour) i’m hoping to attract answers, stories, anecdotes about the last thirty or so years.  i would love for you to be part of this process.  hey, your idea/experience/photo might be used in the performance! (i’ll give you credit and nifty prizes, of course)

i want to hear about your life, whether you tight-rolled or used acqua net and why (or why not) goonies was so successful.

i’d love to see your pictures.  i might even use them for the show!

fyi:  this isn’t exclusively for nostalgia.  it’s purpose is to keep up with where we all are and to give a voice to who we are.  and maybe have a good laugh or cry while figuring that all out.

take this in.   let me know what you think.  jump in.  and on that note:

looking forward to creating this with you!

generation 1979 unite!



6 Responses to “day one: name that generation”
  1. Alice, this looks like a really fun project/show! What about the influence of the Cold War? (I know it’s not as fun as hypercolor t-shirts) Just a thought.

    • project1979 says:

      That’s such great insight, Nathan! I am totally looking to shape performance in a pop culture/sociological/cultural/humorous way…If you were to include it as a topic or sketch in the show, how would you do it? I’m thinking facts of that time, chronologically given and juxtaposed with other facts like when I got my first phone in my room and the year that Madonna published her first book.
      I love your feedback. You are smart.

    • project1979 says:

      Did I just see this? THANK YOU!
      I got your AMAZING photos…somehow they are upside down and I can’t turn them around…Weird. Any chance you could post them to FB? If not, I can put them up with you on your head 🙂
      THANK YOU for your contributions…

  2. Jason says:

    I’ve read before that supposedly Generation X last until 1979, and supposedly Y started with 1980. However that was determined, lol. I’ve admittedly always felt a bit conflicted about where I fit into that (but always sided firmly with ‘Gen X’ back during high school).

    Not sure what a good name for our specific generation would be, though there is definitely an interesting gap we seem fill in the transition from lo-tech to high-tech prevalent times.

    • project1979 says:

      Dear J-
      I know, I wonder what the determinants are for what constitutes the differentiation between the X and Y generations…Where do we fit it? And, I always thought of myself as X, too. But if there was a phrase, what could it be? I was talking to a friend recently who said that our generation was in a gap, and we are a transitional generation, if only referring to technology.
      Thanks for your insight!

  3. project1979 says:

    Reblogged this on project1979 and commented:

    A year later, project1979 remembers the post that started it all!

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