the jaded generation

day 3:  handle with care!

before i write, i want to express my gratitude for all those who have written to us and commented.  THIS IS GETTING EXCITING!

what i’ve heard as far as suggestions for the play is that “la macerena” should be danced, preferably with the entire audience (i’m game), that the topic of trapper keepers is one not to be overlooked and  why not discuss the rubik’s cube?  personally, i am overcoming my tech fears by joining twitter and finding something to fill 160 characters or how to shorten 1000 characters into 160.  we have a facebook page!  whoah.

yet it’s late.  lots of things are spinning in my head.  this evening i have been in touch with tv, watching the modern family premiere and the results of the troy davis execution.  i have a lot to say.  i have a lot to write.

before the latter, i was going to write about cell phones.  that will wait. not the right mood.  feeling reflective.

i was really psyched to discuss cell phones and want to hear from you regarding your experience.  i even took a look at my antiquated version of what my children will snicker at.  it still (basically) works.

however, these topics, after the verdict or rather the outcome of a late september night in georgia, i will segue into the comment someone made about this being the “jaded generation”.

i read that and felt defensive.  i mean, i’m not jaded…right?  i’ve never had much money but have done a lot of beautiful things meeting beautiful people.  i am doing a project which really gets me excited.  i feel loved.  however, i do complain about my student loans, the lack of sustainable employment for people my age with valid competencies and that the fact that health insurance is so expensive.  i do feel jaded sometimes about “being in the gap” as someone else stated.  i feel forgotten at times, brought up during the fallacy of  reagan and the idealism of clinton only to find a tech boom burst around the time of my graduation and september 11th three months later.

i dunno.  i’m fairly happy.  most of the time, i am.  however, i don’t know what to call this generation and want to give credit for the answer that gave me most pause.

what do you think?  are we the jaded generation? 

thanks again to everyone who has taken time to jump on board!

sweet dreams!

5 Responses to “the jaded generation”
  1. Dave Johns says:

    I would say that we are kind of the “Connected” generation. We aren’t the generation that invented the internet, or computers, or cars, or planes, or television… but we are the generation that realized their potential and grew them into what they are today, and there is no going back. Hopefully we won’t also be the generation that destroys the Earth but rather the ones that rights the ship and saves it.

    • project1979 says:

      I love that, Dave! “The generation that realized their potential and grew them into what they are today, and there is no going back.” Why does this make us connected? Or rather, are we on the same connected level as the 25-yr-olds? And how would you define connected in that sense?

  2. see here says:

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