coffee, plaid and public book reading.

(i will preface this by saying that i am at the salt lake city airport, wearing earbuds, and the cnn michael jackson trial is blaring in from of me while i type.) i suppose the “right” thing to do would be to write about something “spooky” or “scary” or “frightening”.  i probably should post some … Continue reading

it ain’t easy: thank you robert capa

  It’s true; we’re genetically inclined to respond to 80s bull@#$%#. (oliver miller i dunno about this.  as i read this i feel myself getting defensive.  who is this guy? why is he dissing my need for nostalgia?  i see the whole project bursting in to flames and then… i am magically whisked away to a website … Continue reading

this is nostalgia-a picture of tuesday.

yesterday i made a trip to target. i looked at the guy under dimly-lit grayness by the photo “developing” area.  i smelled the ever-so-familiar aroma of chemically flavored popcorn at the snack bar.  i used to beg my mom to buy me an overly-salted bag of goodness while we waited for our pictures. the guy wasn’t busy. … Continue reading

don’t stop believing…in saturday!

it’s saturday evening.  the website is on it’s way to being launched.  i am about to put on fake eyelashes.  i will not be wearing this dress tonight but will try to replicate the hair in some way. while on the topic of hair… someone called me (ecstatic) to tell me that they met the … Continue reading

the beginning and thank you

happy friday! (dedicated to rosario, the man above, who could do the best louis armstrong impression-and could sing like a bird.) these shoes remind me of something? back to the future. which leads me to the list of movies that we’re dicing and splicing for the performance friday: ferris buehler’s day off, goonies, breakfast club and … Continue reading

lay that hammer down.

hello!  photo of the week (which is the BEST example of our state of mind regarding the project): first thing:  thank you thank you thank you thank you for all the sweet and supportive comments and emails that we’ve been getting lately. loved the video responses, too! (thanks and molto grazie to mr. talented jacopo … Continue reading

wouldn’t we all like to have hammer pants?

t to the g to the i to the f. who says tgif anymore?  my mom, that’s who.  and i’m bringing it back.  at least for tonight. i just recorded (taped?) what one could described as a “teaser”.  right now.  at work. with a headband (of course). (what is really was was me wearing my … Continue reading

here are the heros-a little inspiration

hello all! so much to be grateful for.  my health, knowing how to jump rope, having a niece, knowing my mom’s cheeseball recipe. most importantly, i am happy for my life and for this project that is taking some pretty tantalizing twists. what’s been, well, WONDERFUL have been the stories that have come on my … Continue reading

top ten songs of the ’79ishers: if i were our soundtrack, this it what i’d be.

it’s raining. this is a good thing.  i embrace the colors changing, the opportunity to cuddle under a summer-neglected blanket, or, you know, to stop hiking and do more blogging, vlogging, tweeting, emailing.  yes, i’ll embrace it all… trying to keep that eye on the proverbial prize via social media. a few words about twitter: … Continue reading

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