top ten songs of the ’79ishers: if i were our soundtrack, this it what i’d be.

it’s raining.

this is a good thing.  i embrace the colors changing, the opportunity to cuddle under a summer-neglected blanket, or, you know, to stop hiking and do more blogging, vlogging, tweeting, emailing.  yes, i’ll embrace it all…

trying to keep that eye on the proverbial prize via social media.

a few words about twitter:

i am still quite a novice.  25 people “follow” me.  no one really writes back.  as you know from other posts, i don’t have an eyephone.   is this whole twitter thing  integral in the theatre process of telling the 1979 story?   most people who are “following” me are ten years my junior (although, please don’t get me wrong, i am still grateful for you!) or sneaky marketing folks (i’m not interested in your dating or entrepreneurial services, thank you.). most comments are coming from private emails, facebook, comments on this or conversations.  is our generation is not a twitter generation?  that would make sense with the hypothesis that that we use technology but we are still valuing more concrete communicative connections (say that three times fast).  i also live in a mountain town. most of my friends are doing things like hanging off of cliffs, doing sweet jumps on their bikes or kayaking in the snake river.  they really don’t have time to tweet about it.  i sit and “blog” (a verb i have most recently adopted into my new, techno-saavy vocab.  right.) and they are climbing the grand.  however, if you are a twitter person, prove this non-twitter assumption regarding our demographic wrong by following us @project1979.

the good thing about twitter is that it keeps me abreast about certain current events like the occupy wallstreet movement. tonight i intended to make my “i’m the 99%” poster but i made chicken soup instead.

fyi:  you all are a rad bunch.  those who have written us are starting farms, companies, families, bands and independent businesses (and so much more!).  the website is really nearly finished and we can’t wait to feature all of your endeavors!

because, even if it isn’t always easy being 32ish, let it be know that we are cool and unstoppable, in spite of the obvious economic hurdles of 2011.

i want to write about the internet, the bears and the sports industry, how the show is shaping up (we started rehearsals and have our first show set for october 29th) and why taylor swift seems to be the tiffany of present day.  i want to highlight the challenges of perhaps making this a multi-lingual theatrical experience (if i go to italy with it). but it’s chilly and dark and i’m feeling the need to infused this end-of-the-day with light.

so, here is  top-ten list for the our generation’s soundtrack.  

what’s yours?

PROJECT1979’S TOP TEN MUSIC CHOICES for the last three decades (not in any particular order).  ENJOY!

1.  don’t you forget about me (simple minds).  who could forget the ending of one of the best molly ringwald movies ever?  when she gave him her diamond earring? oh, judd.

2.  red red wine (ub40).  need i say more?

3.  swallowed (bush).  the video came out the week i found out my high school bf was cheating on me (you know who you are!  and yes, you’ll be in the show) and i sat in our basement crying on a yellow vinyl couch my parents thought was still in style (wish we still had that couch).  and gavin?  yes and yes to a 17-year-old broken heart.

4.  motown philly (boyz2men).  whatever happened to them?  i loved them so hard.  at age 12 i wrote them a fan letter explaining to them why they should let me come on tour with them.  they have not yet responded.

5.  funky cold medina (tone loc).  i borrowed my sister’s single (remember those tapes you could buy which were only one or two songs?) and felt like i was such a rebel.  “hi, my name is deanna.”

6.  babylon (david grey).  college.  totally.  forever single (or so we thought) at our predominantly female school.  friday night, contrabandish wine and teary-eyed good friends.

7.  the time of your life (green day).  because everyone needs a little cheese in their life.  even billie joe.

8.  loser (beck).  a little kid who was wise for his years in the summer of ’93 in grinnell, iowa had a contraption hooked to his bike and would ride around town blasting this song.  he’s probably earned his right as a music mogul by now.

9.  you are what you love (jenny lewis and the watson twins).  born in 1976 and a former “growing pains” occasional, jenny is one wonderful lady and the harmonies of the twins gave me hope in the dark winter of 2006.

10.  in our talons (the bowerbirds).  great song by people i did a little bit of high school theatre with.  really talented folks of our generation who are doing good with voices and instruments and lovely vibes.

stay tuned for the first vlog post on youtube!  

 this is for you, matt.  although you’ve been gone from us for over  two years, every time i hear kid a i remember your creative brilliance.

as i look this over i feel that it really needs some madonna, or michael jackson on it.  but i’m even too tired to let my ocd win.  so comment on these (or others from the channel) or switch on of these for your own.

MAKE YOUR OWN LIST AND SHARE IT.  the best from the lists will be featured in the premiere show and on the website.  i’d love it if you’d include an explanation as to why you chose it but it’s not necessary.

and, just because every post needs a non sequitur, anyone see the fmunkmoc rant?

love in the falling leaves,


(in memory of rosario d’alessandro)

6 Responses to “top ten songs of the ’79ishers: if i were our soundtrack, this it what i’d be.”
  1. k.c says:

    Memorable songs from childhood on: “Bette Davis Eyes”. I remember my mom doing some lame exercise program that was on vinyl, and this was one of the songs on it (probably 1983). Aerobics via giant vinyl record sounds hilarious, looking back. It came with a booklet showing “the moves” in black & white. And of course it showed a woman in a black leotard and striped legwarmers. Doing aerobics without jarring the floor enough to scratch a record sounds too challenging to me. But I do love that song, cheesy as it may be.

    “We built this city” by Starship, those losers who totally sold out to the 1980s. It was on the radio ALL the time. “Sweet Child of Mine”, summer 1988. Still a great song, imo.

    Anything NKOTB. Though I wasn’t a fan, their music was all over the place. Definitely agree on BoyzIIMen. Gotta add Bobby Brown’s “Good Vibrations”, too. I have to mention Nirvana.

    Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” always takes me back to summer before soph year. That summer a lot of good music came out, IMO. The Offspring, Green Day, Beck were also big. It was one of the last years MTV still played a lot of music. Then later high school, Garbage, Bush, Smashing Pumpkins, No Doubt, Sublime. I listened to a lot of classic rock, too, and after high school even more so, so I can’t think of a lot of meaningful “college years” songs off the top of my head.

    I love the thought of a kid riding around on his bmx bike, blaring “loser”.

    • project1979 says:

      at the time we thought that kid was a bit strange. he was like two years younger than me but i thought he was MUCH younger. he played “loser” over and over again very loud. he was too young for ghetto blasters so he made his own version. reflecting on that image now, he is probably a very cool person. he should probably be part of this project. if only i knew his name. “bette davis eyes”. and ditto on the exercise program. a few nights a week my mom would pull out her jane fonda record, put on her red leotard and do aerobics in the bathroom. i think we also need to reflect on mr. richard simmons. such a funny character.

      what are you memories of mtv? i remember that being a big part of my life from age 7 (i had an older sister) to age 19. during college i didn’t watch much tv and then i lived in italy and didn’t even try to watch mtv. i think that had a big influence on what we think as music, and the whole event of the video coming out was a pretty big deal. at least for me. when did you stop watching it? remember the radio before sirius?

      and yes, “sweet child of mine”. my sister went to the g-n-r concert when she was 16 and i thought she was so very cool. i think we also need to make a mention to aerosmith!

      thanks for your comments! the show is really shaping up and music will be a huge component of it.


  2. Nathan says:

    This is my list. These are not my favorite songs by any means (only one of these songs appears on my iPod). I just humbly submit them as influential songs that helped shape our generation.

    “Smells Like Teen Spirit” -Nirvana The Grunge movement meant a lot to a lot of people. Flannel shirts, unkempt hair were a change from the more clean cut, ’50’s style of the 80’s.

    “Love of a Lifetime” – Firehouse (First slow dances in junior high)

    “November Rain” -Guns ‘n’ Roses

    “The Electric Slide” How many dances was this played at? I remember rebelling against conformity and playing tag with my friends amidst the lines of ‘electric sliders’ instead of dancing.

    “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” -Bobby McFerrin

    “Baby Got Back” – Sir Mix-A-Lot, oh the innuendos! Seventh grade boys and girls talking about anacondas.

    “More Than Words” -Extreme, I think this was my senior prom theme, yes?

    “Tub Thumping” – Chumbawumba, the college drinking anthem.

    “Friends in Low Places” -Garth Brooks, for all the folks who like the country scene, this is the song.

    “1979” -The Smashing Pumpkins. What song is more appropriate for this blog! Plus it’s from a good band.

    • project1979 says:

      i feel like your list totally sums up my life age 13-19. awesome. a lot of people mentioned “1979”, “baby got back” (one of my personal reasons. for no reason, really!) and “smells like teen spirit”. and do you remember the “november rain” video. so intense.
      is “don’t worry, be happy” the one on your ipod? 😉
      trying to narrow these songs down to 10. i think i have 50.
      thanks so much for these!
      and, what about dances?
      i’m thinking, of course about the electric slide. i still do the roger rabbit and the running man. any others you remember?

  3. Brent Erickson says:

    Dear Project1979,
    As a former JHoleian, I love this project. When my part time residency grew roots and became firm in the town of Jackson I pursued a a spot on 89.1 KHOL. And having three different radio programs in three different cities in my life the Hole was my favorite…. Enough said. Here are a few throwbacks:
    The Freshman, by the Verbe Pipe, because I
    actually was a freshman when that song came out!
    Beth Hart’s “Back to LA”, because those who went to Jackson felt the same way she did.
    “Little Black Backpack” by Stroke 9, if you didn’t sing along by the end of the song you may have been dead.
    “love and affection” by Nelson, guilty pleasure, but still bought it on iTunes.
    “I’d walk 500 miles” by the Proclaimers, need I say more then “and I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more.”
    “What’s up” by 4 Non Blondes, to young to understand it, but when I did it’s great. Downloading the song right now.
    And who can ever forget “Peaches” by the P.U.S.A.
    It’s not a list of ten but it’s a start, and lists tend to limit the thought process, so I’ll just go with this for now. Miss you Alice.

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