here are the heros-a little inspiration

hello all!

so much to be grateful for.  my health, knowing how to jump rope, having a niece, knowing my mom’s cheeseball recipe.

most importantly, i am happy for my life and for this project that is taking some pretty tantalizing twists.

what’s been, well, WONDERFUL have been the stories that have come on my radar in the last week.  personal, difficult, beautiful.

this experiment came out of a deep need to connect folks and connect with folks who were doing fantastic things in spite of a lot of the hardships that have befallen our generation.  plus, i mean, i’ve really wanted a place to show off my roger rabbit skillz (other than at weddings and dinner parties gone wild).

the following three people get the biggest gold stars for what they have done, what they have been through and what they are doing, with dedication and a smile.  in the last week they have all come on my screen and i think their stories need to be shared.

sharlie, you are my super woman-

both sharlie and i were mrs. finney’s funny bunnies together.  5th grade and sharlie had the best laugh in the class.  sharlie was a real friend.  even at age 10.  although we lost touch after high school, we got reconnected a few years ago.  from time to time we exchange messages and never in those messages did she mention to me that she was functioning with 18% of one lung. sharlie has cystic fibrosis.  saturday another former funny bunny emailed me letting me know about a fundraiser to raise money for a lung transplant for sharlie in january. has lost a sister to CF, and countless friends to the disease.  yet yesterday sharlie sent me a message thanking me for my support and expressing that, in spite of her difficulties, she’s been “overcompensated” with the love and support of so many.  it is people like sharlie who remind us what love is all about.  here’s her blog.

angelo.  no words suffice.

(photo by angelo merendino)

about love…i was contacted in august by a former wheatone and friend, annika kaye of jonka about her friend, angelo merendino was competing in an international photo contest (which he won).  the subject of his goosebump-creating photography is his wife’s battle with cancer.  we’re talking day-to-day photos.  gritty and honest, the scenes depict their real life experience with two young and beautiful lovers dealing with this disease in nyc.  for years.  so he’s taking angst and love and hit-you-over-the-head-good talent to help tell a story we all need to see.  my hat goes off to you, angelo and jennifer.  it doesn’t get more real than this.

vikrant.  chills.  

vikrant came to visit me in naples the summer of ’03 with his friend, phil d who was a former music student of my mom and played my little brother in “bye bye birdie” many moons ago.  they slept on my floor, graciously loved every thing they ate and were so darn cheerful about being in a really hot apartment in an even hotter city.  today while both perusing a photo of phil and his wife who are in italy at the moment, a conversation started.  not only was he cheerful, happy and not down at all about being unemployed, he was totally enthusiastic about this project.  after asking me about my life and how i was, it came out that the reason he was unemployed was that he had to quit his job to take care of his ailing father. his mother had passed away the previous year.  since his father’s passing, he looks for work as a food scientist (how cool is that?) and is nothing but optimistic about his life. vikrant, you really, truly rock.  and you made me cry at work.  here’s an article about vikrant and his relationship with his parents:

kudos, major kudos, to all of the above, and all of you who are doing so many, often unnoticed things to make this generation truly great.



5 Responses to “here are the heros-a little inspiration”
  1. Vikrant says:

    Omg. Thank you. And you picked exactly the picture I love of my family! You’re so beautiful and your project reflects that! — btw to the readers I’m the 3rd one in the picture 🙂

  2. project1979 says:

    Reblogged this on project1979 and commented:

    Please keep Sharlie in your thoughts. She is in surgery as we speak. The lungs and heart are a match.

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  1. […] heard from angelo who was touched by sharlie and sharlie who was touched by angelo (see if you missed that post).  they are amazing creatures.  each time i hear from them i get floored […]

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