wouldn’t we all like to have hammer pants?

t to the g to the i to the f.

who says tgif anymore?  my mom, that’s who.  and i’m bringing it back.  at least for tonight.

i just recorded (taped?) what one could described as a “teaser”.  right now.  at work. with a headband (of course).

(what is really was was me wearing my roommate’s orginal “who” shirt from 1982 and using my pointer finger in kind of an obsessive way while i looked nervously at the camera.

so, while it uploads, slowly, i ‘d add a few things.


coolest pictures of the week:

sam's farm in maine

(d-lori-rama/sweetly awkward xmas dance photo/daniele’s photos of nyc/sam the artist-farmer’s piggies/s’s baby pic)

i’ve become more and more aware, in the few weeks since this whole thing started, that there are many folks out there doin great work.  “nominate” someone!  nominate yourself.  we’ll put in on the website.

2.  neat-o blog-o-zine i came across wednesday:

http://trembletremble.com/ three lovely people being creative with video, music and such.  yeah!


awesome opportunity to tell us about yourself:

it’s a survey.  you’re smart.  we’ll put we’ll quote your memories on the website (if you’d like).  we’ll send you “swag”(please send an email with your address to making1979@gmail.com). promise.  this will help us to know the things we should highlight in the show.  which is set to do it’s first performance in two weeks!

here we go:

1.where were you and what were you doing when princess Diana was killed/the Challenger explosion occurred/9-11-01 happened? (choose one or all three-or add your own!):

2.do you remember when you first felt like an adult?  or did your first “adult” thing? (anything from buying a car to having a baby to losing someone you love):

3.first kiss?  where/who (use initials or give them a pseudonym if you’d like)/what happened:

4.when did you first use a cellphone/car phone/laptop?

5.most likely to make you dance:  it takes two (rob base-ez rock/vogue (madonna)/jump (kris kross)/bust-a-move

song of the weekend!

t.g.i.f.  t.t.f.n.

enjoy your weekend!  this hasn’t finished downloading and i’m done with work.  see you…


7 Responses to “wouldn’t we all like to have hammer pants?”
  1. 1) I can’t remember about princess Diana and Challenger.
    9/11 I was playing with my computer. I remember a friend called on the phone and said “turn on the tv”. I did, and I thought it was a joke … for 10 minutes I tried to understand how could they hack my tv.

    2) I still don’t feel like an adult! But if I have to choose, when I lost my granma about 10 years ago.
    First time I drove my dad’s car it snowed … it also was a hard time, and someone knows how hardly it snows in Napoli!

    3) About 15 years old … Ischia … my best friend’s sister … she was 3 or 4 years older … pretty awkward.

    4) I had my first mobile cell when I was 18. Eriksson T18! Looks prehistoric now, but it also worked perfectly without antenna and front panel, after years of use. Compare it with modern ones …
    I bought my first laptop when I moved in Rome, 8 years ago. I still have it and it works (but I used newer ones). I don’t think I used laptops before that.

    5) Kriss kross all the time!!!

    • project1979 says:

      kriss kross rulz.
      thanks for your responses:) do you have a picture of that phone?
      i want to hear your music…

      • unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the phone … of course you can find plenty on google, but I haven’t one of my own 😦

        about my music, I’ll try to post my top 10 later today! asking the soundtrack of his life to someone who LOVES music … could be a never-ending task!

      • project1979 says:

        would love to have some of your original music, too!
        hey, do you remember when you guys made me that awesome radiohead cd back in 2003? that’s when i knew (although i didn’t doubt it) you guys had it goin on! i still listen to that cd.

  2. k.c says:

    I had some hammer pants in the 6th grade. I loooooved them, LOL. They were pink and purple paisley with a matching top. I wore them with black ballet flats (and probably giant purple slouch socks, you know, the ones with the squiggly texture?)

    I’ll try to dig out a few quintessential 80s/90s pics to send you. (If I can get the nerve to put myself out there to be LOL-fodder, haha)

  3. project1979 says:

    i wore my roommate’s hammer pants for dance rehearsal the other night. the velcro kept coming undone. not flattering…
    would love to see your pictures!

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