lay that hammer down.

hello!  photo of the week (which is the BEST example of our state of mind regarding the project):

first thing:  thank you thank you thank you thank you for all the sweet and supportive comments and emails that we’ve been getting lately. loved the video responses, too!

(thanks and molto grazie to mr. talented jacopo tomassini)

i should have a separate category for blogging about the performance experience.   will do.  but for now…

summing it up:

we’ve narrowed down our song list and films (based on your suggestions).  working on tv shows.  what are we doing with that great input, you might ask?

splicing and choreographing and memorizing.   then covering it with neon with a sprinkle of aqua-net-tousled bangs.

along with the dancing, singing and rapping (so-to-speak) we’ll touch on the following topics:


want to add something?  i’m all ears.  feel like we need to include something?  email/facebook/comment.

pulled muscles doing moves you haven’t seen since 1989.  probably.  just saying.  not bragging.  definitely not braggin.

summing up this week:

-i made some videos which some of you watched.  i noticed that i need to breath less heavily and could use a microphone. had a lot of fun with mrs. webster learning new, “maniacal” choreography.  thank you!

-i heard from angelo who was touched by sharlie and sharlie who was touched by angelo (see if you missed that post).  they are amazing creatures.  each time i hear from them i get floored by their humility.

i was particularly moved by what sharlie wrote:

I was especially touched by Angelo and Jennifer’s story. They will be in my prayers. Many of those photos looked very familiar and I will take away strength from their courage and love.

check out: and they could use all the positive thoughts and comments you’ve got.

sharlie was just readmitted to the hospital and jen, the subject of angelo’s photography and documentary is also back in the hospital.

-two of us were on tv!  go gillian and nick!

-was reminded of the awesomeness of erica harris, artist extraordinaire!  holy moly!  not only is she doing great work for books, music and such (check out this fellow 1979er’s site but is heading to india again to volunteer at the buddha smile school in india.   all proceeds from her etsy site are going to the school (till 11/15).

-learned about video mapping from mr. cut la whut aka cutter.  whoah.  thank you!  can’t wait to see what he comes up with with that friggin amazing stuff.

here’s to a lovely thursday evening.  gotta go work on editing the vlog.

ciao e a presto,


4 Responses to “lay that hammer down.”
  1. k.c says:

    A possible segue to fade-out for the show (though I have no idea how/what you’re actually doing so it may not even make sense): The grown up, present-day 79er putting in ear buds, checking the phone for texts, whilst opening a laptop, and zoning out to the audience and going into a tech shell. Because we’re very plugged in and tuned out nowadays, a symbolic farewell/I’m done now.

  2. k.c says:

    Also- I think the loud breathing (well, it’s not really loud LOUD, just more noticeable than usual breathing due to mike issues I’m sure) is kind of funny and adds to the videos. If it were too polished it wouldn’t be as good!

    • project1979 says:

      while editing i noticed the breathing, how many times i said “awesome” or “oh my gosh” and giggled to my self! it’s very enjoyable having a good laugh at my own expense 🙂

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