back to the present, let’s recap.

project1979 goes to chicago.

what i noticed, and now that i’ve sold out and bought an iphone i will document this, is that there is a whole lotta nostalgia goin on here in chicago.  perhaps i haven’t been as observant of this in wyoming .  but at 5pm on halloween i sweatily walked, post-workout,  to find candy for the trick-o-treaters, i saw:

-a ghostbuster and a mural of a garbage pail kid.

while buying butterfingers i overheard a guy on his cellphone describing in detail the best costumed viewed on his saturday night festivities:

-a teenage mutant ninja turtle

this all happened within five minutes and one city block.

(headband switch)

i hadn’t been to a halloween party in a long time.  as a kid, i spent a long time conjuring up my costume (aside from the plastic one i wore on a whim at age 4).  my personal favorite was the dead miss america, age 12.  on saturday, i busted out the legwarmers (and, of course, headband) and went as project1979.  i danced to some lovely classics and listened to a marching band play live (and shirtless) in the living room.  and, guess who showed up?  wayne and garth!

if i hadn’t gone as project1979, maybe i would’ve, no, i am sure of it, i would have gone as jem.

no conclusions to be made yet, but i have a feeling that we are in the midst of nostalgia-rama.  i’ve been asked for my card (yes, we now have cards) several times in the last few days and a lovely1980 lady on the train asked to be in the show (yes and yes!).  she says we’re in need of it:  nostalgia.  she said (loosely paraphrased due to non-verbatim perfect recollection) our generation “isn’t where we had hoped to be at age 30.  we’re all in the same boat and we want to remember ‘the good ‘ole days’.  but we’re not down and out.  yet.'”  she went to school for acting, is working in health care and has recently discovered a passion for karaoke.  she says she hasn’t sang in ten years and is getting back to her old groove, even if it is not what she’s doing as a profession.  anyone else having a similar experience?

as i continue to write the show (i have to submit a video to a festival tomorrow), i am trying to weave as much truth into the performance in regards to our experiences, past and present.  while nostalgia is a really important part of it all, the present is really important to me in being honest and truthful in depicting who we are.  what i’d love to know more of is who you are now.  today.   is this where you thought you’d be and are you happy with where you are?

and, just because it’s thursday and i love you, i thought i’d leave you with this pop-up video:

4 Responses to “back to the present, let’s recap.”
  1. k.c says:

    This is pretty much exactly where I thought I’d be and I am happy with it. This was really what I wanted “to be when I grew up”: married with a couple of kids, able to stay home and be an “old fashioned” housewife, and have a fluffy cat. Oh yeah, we have a dog, too.

    It’s not glamorous by far, but it’s good. Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to have moved off without putting down roots, and live my bizarro life (in a real city, single, w/a busy career in _____), but I love where I’m at. Some days I wish I worked, just to have a second income (unless you marry a Kennedy, it’s definitely a financial sacrifice to stay home) but until the kids are older it’s a used car and small home for us, and that’s okay 🙂

    • project1979 says:

      i’ve started interviewing people about whether they are happy with where they have ended up. it seems like many are content which makes me happy with the choices they’ve made. going to keep asking.

      and, really, when do we ever grow up? hopefully we’ll always reserve a little piece of ourselves to be skip-it masters and curious note-folders.

  2. k.c says:

    PS- I freaking LOVE Pop-Up Video.

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