my cousin is awesome and an update on anthony michael hall

thank you for your continued stories, contributions and support (and for your one day on earth contributions)!

the following are three acts of awesomeness by some of project1979’s finest.

deep in the heart of an editing crisis (microsoft movie maker needs a facelift!), i get a call from my cousin sarah.

#1. sarah stumbled upon project1979 and i stumbled upon a goldmine.  sarah and i spent a lot of time with barbies, belinda carlyle and playing a few pranks on our younger cousins (sorry, caleb).  and, as the years progressed i had no idea that sarah, a super-creative teacher, artist and mother was stockpiling our childhood memories.  last time i saw her she did pull out some really embarrassing pages from a diary we both wrote in.  yet i had no idea that she had such an extensive collection of fantastic memorabilia.  my laughter certainly and definitely disturbed the dog and the neighbors and as she rattled off her list of what she’d been saving (vintage hello kitty, puff paint, my little ponies), i may or may not have snorted so loud that a wee bit of vino shot out of my mouth .  here is just a mere sample, a meager representation of what this lady has to bring us down memory lane:

thanks, sarah!

#2.  ever wonder what happened to the geek star of many fabulous john hughes films?  while sorting through emails, texts and facebook pictures and videos from the one day on earth project (again, grazie!), i got a surprise 80’s film star-siting testimony from my friend marissa an insightful story that she had recounted to me awhile back.  and thus i had begged to one day have this in writing for the blog.  the following witty exerpt is a true account of her run-in with mr. anthony michael hall (please.  don’t try this at home):

One Spring Break night five of us girls were camped out around a table at Gaffney’s, when there seemed to be an unusual amount of excitement a few tables down.  There was a skinny black guy doing a combination of geek dance moves in front of a pasty white guy.  I pulled aside one of the bartenders and asked her who was sitting at the other table.

 “That’s Anthony Michael Hall.  He’s a #@$% by the way.“

A movie starring Anthony Michael Hall and Chris Penn was being shot at locations in and around Saratoga Springs, NY.  Interesting fact: The movie, Aftermath, still has a TBA release date.  It was Chris Penn’s last movie.  

Collectively, we were not terribly excited that a B celebrity was in our midst. Hall looked nothing like the semi-lovable dork he played in John Hugh’s films.  Which is not to say that he looked good.  We had some fun doing our own version of Hall’s dances in Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, and then we moved on to other topics of conversation.  But Hall was making his way over to our table.  In his mind five giggling college girls probably seemed like a good target.

AMH:  “Hey.”

Madison:  “Hey, yourself.”

AMH:  “Do you know who I am?”

M:  “Yep.”

AMH:  “Can I sit with you and order you ladies some drinks?”

M:  “Sure.  Why not.”

He pulled up a chair and waved over a “waitress.”  Gaffney’s does not have waitresses but they were begrudgingly acquiescing to Mr. Hall’s version of reality in which one was waited on at all times.  When we all had our drinks, Hall,  started firing a series of questions at us.  What did we do?  Did we have boyfriends?

M: “The television is my boyfriend.”

Hall was clearly not prepared to flirt with girls unimpressed with his B celebrity status.  But we were having some fun.  

 Hall turned to me.  “Come sit on my lap.”

I shrugged, as he pulled me onto his lap.  “This will definitely make a good story later, “ I thought to myself.

“You’re pretty.  What are you doing later?” he asked.  He stared into my eyes with a Zoolander-like expression.

“Umm.  Going home.”

As I leaned forward to reach for my drink, I felt something warm and wet on my back.  It should be noted that I was wearing this amazing shirt I used to rock in college – t-shirt material on the front and pink polka dot meshy fabric on the back.  I was mortified but also fascinated.  Then I clearly felt tongue on my back.  He was licking my back.  Anthony Michael Hall was licking my back.  Finally, Madison, who was across the table from me saw what was happening, and we broke into a fit of laughter as Hall continued to go at my back.

 “Kiss me,” Hall said.

“No.  I’m sorry.”  This is where I drew the line, I guess.

“I’m going out for a cigarette,” he said.  And he shuffled off.


stay tuned for part deux!

6 Responses to “my cousin is awesome and an update on anthony michael hall”
  1. k.c says:

    Hahaha! I love Marissa’s nonchalance towards AMH. Can’t wait to hear how this ends!

    And that is one sweet pencil collection, btw! We used to have these old pencil “machines” at the elementary and middle schools… they were like the size of a small microwave, and had the coin things that stuck out forward and were flat and the coins had slots to stand up in (or did they lie flat???), and then when you pushed the loaded coin thing in, a pencil rolled out the bottom of the machine. Kind of like a tampon machine.

    It seems so primitive now, thinking about it.

  2. k.c says:

    Also…. I’m kind of hoping AMH blows up at being denied a kiss. I think getting Jake Ryan’s bitchy gf gave him standards he just can’t keep 100% of the time. Or even 50%.

    • project1979 says:

      would be pretty funny! and i think living in jake ryan’s shadow all this time has been difficult for his fragile self.

  3. project1979 says:

    i wish i still had my pencils. what was up with that? we would collect them but never sharpen them. still have my sticker collection, though!

  4. Sarah Morris says:

    you must post the really awesome ones with the shapes that totally throw your handwriting off balance b/c they are sooo top heavy. sending you more pics to inbox at this moment. love you!

    • project1979 says:

      totally! they made no sense at all…therefor you were forced to make a shrine for them as they collected dust in a mug somewhere!

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