Calling it merry, so.

On a rampage to be comforted from this strangely stressful period in my life, I sought solace in Netflix.  I wanted to perform a age-old ritual I’d held during the holiday season since my youth:

Christmas movies, cookies and crafts.

My town doesn’t have a movie rental store (Rebox does NOT count) so Netflix it was.  I wanted to watch such classics as “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Home Alone”, “Holiday Inn” or “Christmas in Connecticut” but I settled with the holiday episode of “My So-Called Life” aptly titled “So-called Angels”.  Whoah!  That was one tear-jerking show (Ricky sleeps in an abandoned warehouse while a homeless Julianna Hatfield-as-angel sings a touching ballad!).  The person watching the show with me politely declined my suggestion to watch more episodes by saying “No, thanks.  But I’m sure if I were a young girl in the 90’s I would have loved Jordan Catalano, too.”  In the 90’s I let Angela make my teenage angst look cool.  Conversely, I think I modeled many crushes after Jared Leto’s enigma-man character which made the growing pains of adolescence even more awkward, even in plaid.

One time, as a newcomer to a school, I went to a Christmas dance.  Someone in a yellow silk shirt (who later became my friend) “danced” with me (he barely touched me while I talked to him.  incessantly.  about nothing at all [I’ve always been a nervous talker]).  I searched for his darting eyes while I asked him questions he had no interest in answering and, upon hearing the last few notes of Mariah?, he made a beeline to his friends who might have been laughing but it was too dark to notice.  Ahhh, adolescence.  That probably wasn’t my favorite dance or Christmas.  I was fifteen, new and my bangs needed serious help.

A few young lasses came into my store last night, braces, ponytails, smart phones in all.  Looking around with the voracity of famished coyotes looking for a cat, they leaned in closely and asked “Have you seen him?”.  Him, being a certain pop star who surely did not impregnate anyone lately and has a lovely Disney girlfriend.  They grilled me and sweetly masked their boredom when I didn’t seem to know anything, and went to make another lap in the hotel to see if they could find him.  These lil ladies were on the prowl!  They were a lot more confident then I (or Angela) ever was.  Their brazen forwardness was admirable and frankly, a bit scary.  Are they the new Angela Chase?  Is JB the new Jordan C?  What do our idols say about us?  If they were going to make MSCL now, I wouldn’t even know who to cast, although I’m pretty sure the Olson twins are too old for any part.

In the show I think I have to highlight the awkwardness that held me hostage for years because it’s funny.  Like this outfit:

I was dancing, I think.  “It’s a Wonderful Life” is definitely playing in the background.

I was not a boy. We still have those balls.

Thank you all for being part of this perhaps overly-ambitious endeavor of co-creating a show with readers and friends like yourselves.  It’s fun.

Wishing you beauty in this awkwardness we call life.  In all-intended cheesiness, might I say that we’re a lucky bunch to be able to sit around and laugh, reminisce, and create a performance?  However, we like to keep in mind that this year has been a tough one for a lot of us, project1979ers and non.  The loss of parents, illness, a really rough job market, precarious governments and lack of health care among other things.  One day project1979 will not only be a cool show but a way to help us help each other be better x/yers and to find sustain knowing that while we may not have had it easy, we are one rad bunch.

On a serious note, I’ve lost my headband!  Santa?

Happiest everything to you all.

Mwah under the mistletoe to you.

One Response to “Calling it merry, so.”
  1. k.c. says:

    I am LOLing that you had to say that you were not a boy, hahaha…. The 80s sure were a time of questionable hairstyles, huh? I totally get your “new girl” experience. The same year you moved here, I had just moved away (briefly for a couple years), and my time at my new school was just like what you were describing… I had lots of nervous chatter moments myself. I remember boring some poor guy to death on a bus ride from an away game…. note to self, 15 year old boys do not care to hear your life story, or that of your parents. LOL…. ah, live and learn, right?? And seriously, the Biebs is there??? Send me a photo if you do run into him! My niece will die!

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