Project report

It’s been a great week.  I’ve surrendered (if only slightly) to the understanding that I cannot do everything so I’m trying to focus on the most important things regarding the project…like going to some really cool places this Spring and Summer.  I’ll being doing project 1979 in a few languages!

In staying true to my commitment to honor your submissions, feedback and great insight, requires late nights and perseverance.  Since October I’ve stumbled through lots of things in this process.  I’m still baffled by how to use Twitter to serve the essence of the performance.  There are daunting lessons to be learned regarding finding funding, copyrighting and trademark factors, carving out rehearsal time and…well, like so many of us who are dedicated to doing the work we love-my day job!

Lately, though, I stop when I start feeling overwhelmed, take in a deep breath and remind myself that I get to do this.  And along with the imperfections and challenges comes a pretty cool experience.  And it’s an experiment, one that requires a whole lot of trial and error (What was I thinking I could just crank out 30 hand-written letters in no time?).

This is what’s going on regarding project1979:

We have begun to put the finishing touches on the website.  This is really exciting for me as it means an opportunity to reach more people and thus tell more stories and get you guys meeting each other!  I’ve learned a lot about the reality of good web design in this process.  At the beginning I thought:  Yeah.  Website.  No big deal.  We’ll just throw one together in a week and it will all be good.  My very patient designer (thanks, Chuck!) finally had to break down and tell me that I was being unrealistic.  When it goes viral there will be a live launch party, complete with headbands, lip syncing and glitter.   Stay tuned!

As my plans shape up for the Spring/Summer tour it looks like project1979 might paying a visit to Chicago, Toronto, Germany and Italy, and North Carolina!  I’m also applying to festivals in Europe and the states.  Fingers crossed!  We’ll send an update as things solidify.   If you know of any great living rooms/small clubs/theatres/etc. that might like to host us, let me know!

I am buying a unitard.  I wore a unitard once although I cannot for the life of me remember where and when.  I, rightfully so, blocked it out of my memory.  However, a sweet fashion designer and artist pal of mine, Abbie suggested that might be the perfect base layer for quick costume changes.  I have subsequently started dancing more and eating fewer hot fudge sundaes.  Now the daunting question is:  which color unitard do I get?  My gut says teal but I’m open to suggestions!

Here are some highlights of my last week:

My BBF from college had her baby!  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I really love connection, even virtual style!  Her best friend in Boston, our other friend in Chicago and I did a virtual toast to Miz C’s arrival.  So cool.  (Side note:  I’m on Skype and would love to hear your stories or suggestions-live!  Email me at and I’ll send you my Skype name.)

I came across this really great facebook page regarding student loan debt.  For those of you who have been following this blog since the beginning, you’ll know that it is one of my major platforms.  Check them out!

I got a surprise email from my friend Sharlie’s (who I’ve written about a few times) mother.  It was incredibly touching that this woman who has a full-time career and is also hosting Sharlie and her family as they wait for donors at Stanford took the time to write to me.  It made my week!  Please keep them in mind-it’s been a challenging week for Sharlie as she awaits her double lung and heart transplant.

I just happened to be on my daughter Sharlie’s Facebook page and saw your post about teachers. What a thoughtful, talented writer you are. The pictures of Mrs. Finney and all her “funny bunnies” brought back wonderful memories for me. She was such a special teacher…As I looked at the pictures you posted I was able to recognize you and several more friends who have had avery positive impact on Shar’s life. What a blessing her friends have been to her – and to me! Thank you.

-The random-act-o-kindness travel angel wrote this on his wall today.  Thought is was pretty fantastic.

Good morning. Some people wonder why I’m always smiling or always in a good mood. It’s very simple. I’m alive & I enjoy life. Every morning I wake up with the thought that there are some people who have it much worse than I do. I’m cognizant of the many sacrifices that have been made for me to live the way I do & at a drop of a dime everything can be taken from me.

Cheers to you for making this project and life of mine what it is!

Life is good.

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