A few thoughts …


A few thoughts I had this morning:

I really like this project. This project makes me crazy. Where is my unitard? Headband? Sanity?

Yes, it’s work, albeit mostly joyful, to try to build a show “on my own” from the ground-up.  In the attempt to see that over-sized glass of Malbec half-full, I have started to notice the sweet signs of encouragement that my decision to commit to this experience wasn’t ridiculous even if it was risky.  The main things that I have realized is that the whole “on my own” idea is complete rubbish.  It’s as if I’ve made my way to the center of the circle and am doing the Roger Rabbit especially well because I’ve got a circle of friendly faces cheering me on.


Might I mention:

Jake.  I have started a collaboration with a musician who plays the piano with so much soul all the while smiling fantastically.  Sometimes the greatest gifts fall out of the sky, or rather going to the bulletin board at the oh-so-lovely Elevated Grounds pays off.  Stay tuned for excerpts-he’s fabulous.

Chuck.  Without this man-this jolly, and scarily-intelligent towering god of technology-I would have no website.  Working over 40 hours in his intense developer job, he spends many nights and weekends making the website looks to shiny and lusciously perfect.  It looks clean and nice but I’m reminded after seeing his rows and rows of code that everything my lil complicated mind wanted to incorporate for the site is pretty friggin complicato.

Mom.  This stellar woman who never ceases to inspire me with her grace is way too busy and has a  job that requires a lot of focus.  She brings it, of course but her schedule doesn’t allow a whole lot of time for chatting.  I woke up to this message the other day:

Thinking of how much I love you and admire you!  You are a wonder woman!

You people who read this blog or comment on the FB page-Thanks for being funny, creative and holding my commitment accountable by asking about what’s going on with the performance.  I like you.

My colleagues who are working equally or more hard on other exciting projects.  It really helps to see so much fantastic work going on, like that of Catherine, Kate  and Leonie.  How the heck to they find the time?

Mwah to all of you!

P.S.  Had a lot of fun hearing about your heroes.  Top winners were grandparents, moms, dads, sisters, Rainbow Brite and Mighty Mouse.


P.S. Thanks, Kim for this:

Keep your head up. Success doesn’t come from giving up & quitting, its comes from dreaming & believing that you can get through anything if you set your mind to it…..

2 Responses to “A few thoughts …”
  1. k.c. says:

    *I’m* overwhelmed thinking about putting on something like this, but I don’t have any doubts *you* can do it, and do it well. I can’t wait to see where this leads you and how it turns out 🙂 The new blog set up is pretty sweet, btw.

  2. project1979 says:

    Oh, darlin. You are so sweet. Things are really starting to cook…I’ve got a few dates booked already…

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