Lip Syncing: The lost art

Lip Sync (Lip Synch):  to pretend to sing or say in synchronization with recorded sound (Webster’s)

I grew up lip syncing.  This was way before Milli, of course.  I do sing, I did then, too.  But really, I just loved to pretend I was someone else.  Coming of age when CD’s were readily available, the 90’s were an era of trial-and-error regarding playback and live performance.

Today, in a FB thread regarding the Color Me Bad concert in Malden, MA (see here for the article), the topic of lip syncing came up.  I realize I discuss this a lot in my posts.  I also still love to mouth words for songs I have never been able to sing (some notes in Bohemian Rhapsody are hard to reach!).  There was a big ta-dooo in the early 90’s about this issue, especially in regards to Madonna lip syncing at her sold-out Blond Ambition Tour.  You know what I say?

I think lip syncing is an art.

It’s hard.  Some singers who are actually mouthing their own words are really bad at it.

Case in point (sorry Phil):

And Madonna’s dance moves were hard!  Singing during her amazing choreography would have taken away from the spectacle.

Case in point:

a) Lip Sync

b) No Lip Sync

She definitely didn’t sing during those remixes at the Super Bowl halftime…

So, I’m giving a thumbs up to the lip syncing artists who have given a good show.

Speaking of show, I am TOTALLY going to be lip syncing to Madonna…

Top Three Favorites:

1.  I heart OK Go and this playback is PERFECTLY executed.

2.  I know it’s true.  And they weren’t even that good at it really…But I also know that we all loved their twin breakdance moves and fantastic hair.

3.  C&C Music Factory.

So go out there and DANCE NOW!  ‘Cuz you know what the best thing about lip syncing is?  That everyone can partake.  After a few brews and with the help of dark lighting, we can all be stars!

2 Responses to “Lip Syncing: The lost art”
  1. filmonista says:

    I have an old video archive of lip-syncing that i need to dust off!

  2. project1979 says:

    Please please please send my way or post it. Would love to see it 🙂

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