The Faces of project1979

A photographer, a writer, a food scientist, a motorcross racer, an artist and a playwright… New York, LA, London, Italy and New Jersey. -Some of the faces of project1979. In a few days we’ll be posting short interviews about these amazing people. You’ll learn about their lives, their work and maybe even smile a little … Continue reading

Dear Readers, As of today I am 100 days away from 30! I am dropping into the double digits people! How cray-zay! I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. You guys have been the biggest surprise of this whole journey. I didn’t know I could care so much about people I have never…

Don’t blink

What’s going to happen in the next month (Welcome back, by-the-way) is that project1979 is getting a big ole booster which will shoot over to Indianapolis and then Europe and then not stop till August. Yep, it’s really happening. (Because of you.) Right now I’m compiling the interviews, the pictures, the videos, the facebook statuses, … Continue reading

Hatchbacks to Freedom

At four AM this morning I was thinking of my parents. I was also making a list of things I’d like to do today and wrote both an email and a part of a poem in my head. But that’s besides the point. While that grand old laundry list (Where does that phrasal noun come … Continue reading

What Wednesday Does

In awe and this is why: Loads of miracles have occurred in this last week.  And today, What Wednesday Does is amaze me, most because of the Kony 2012 video I started my day with. I think it’s fair to assess that I’m a sucker for the sucker-punches of emotionalism that this  video provides. Tears. … Continue reading

Returning, a Year

There are moments in life when I have to stop, embrace the chills coming over me and just say THANK YOU. Recently, I have been in the midst of so many of those moments. Right now I would like to highlight some things that are making me feel very blessed lately. By no means has … Continue reading

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