Returning, a Year

There are moments in life when I have to stop, embrace the chills coming over me and just say THANK YOU. Recently, I have been in the midst of so many of those moments. Right now I would like to highlight some things that are making me feel very blessed lately.

By no means has this dynamic, inspiring project gone by the wayside. However, some very exciting and mostly intersecting opportunities have come on my radar recently which have caused me to shift my immediate attention from project1979 to contributions that are needing my efforts:

Shinsai (will also write about this later), Theaters for Japan:

I am producing with St. John’s Episcopal Church the event which will feature a group of local actors performing short plays written for the anniversary of the earthquake that hit Japan on March 11th, 2011. All proceeds of the event will go to the Japan Playwrights Association. Check out the video:

Bluespot productions, The Day of The Refugee:

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to travel to Germany with my colleagues and friends to perform and teach in Ausburg. Bluespot is a company dedicated to innovative, cutting edge performance and is responsible for the creation of this multi-faceted event to honor the lives of refugees, primarily those currently living in Germany.   Although I won’t be leaving for a few months, I have a lot of work to do in preparations for the three week long Bavarian experience. The site is in German, but the video speaks for itself:

I have decided to postpone an official tour this Spring and concentrate on the upcoming events this summer. Here is what’s coming up for project1979:

The Indy Convergence:

Project1979 was selected to participate in this exciting , art-incubating, conference/think-tank. Taking place over ten days in May, we will workshop the performance, collaborate with the other performers and teach a workshop for the community. Awesome!

Rome and Germany:

After performing with Bluespot, I intend to do at least one show in this fantastic university town. At the moment we intend to keep it primarily in English however, in the months to come there might be a chance to expand the text to include a more German context. Phantastisch!

A dear friend, musician and director (and project1979 collaborator and supporter) Diego Quintano and I are joining forces to present to the Romans a bi-lingual version of the show. We’re currently working on a performance that will tell the story of the Italian 30-something experience. Much like the original structure, we’re using facebook to solicit perspectives on how and what shaped the Italian experience. Benissimo!

Last but not least:


I will write more about in an upcoming post, but I have to say that the experience of watching her transformation in the last three weeks has changed me. I write about her often because she inspires me with her courage, joy and light. Yet, the surprising thing that has left me with an even bigger heart is how the community of people who support her and her family has taken off, not just in number but in the fact that we are all, in some way small or large, connected to her experience. Watching complete strangers to her reach out in support of her has renewed my faith in the human’s capacity for goodness. Thank you all and thank you Sharlie for reminding us of our potential for giving.

Until next time!




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