What Wednesday Does

In awe and this is why:

Loads of miracles have occurred in this last week.  And today, What Wednesday Does is amaze me, most because of the Kony 2012 video I started my day with.

I think it’s fair to assess that I’m a sucker for the sucker-punches of emotionalism that this  video provides. Tears. What’s cooler than cool is that it seems like it’s really big with the “young kids” (my category for who is in high school right now). What’s cooler than cool is a trend of humanity is well, COOL. to the same generation of people who might also love Justin Bieber.

I haven’t done my research on just how truly cool Kony 2012 is or will be but it was visceral (my word of the week, p.s.), man. People (our age) motivating lots more people (many half of our age) to focus on something outside of themselves for people they may never meet. Can’t be too bad, can it?

Ooh, it’s getting late this Wednesday. Work will end, I’ll soon be off to another form of work. I intended to write more about SHINSAI-can’t believe what’s transpiring here! Tomorrow, on the day of the woman, I’ll write about a woman who’s helped so much on the project, even from that great Tokyo town, the GREAT Kimberley Tierney. And maybe a few others who just knock my socks off.

Before I close this Wednesday, I’d like to leave you with an image of what my walk looked like, more or less:

So, as the Wednesday fades into its’ muted tones, prepped for a star showcase in a few hours, I prep for a few more hours of wonderfully enjoyable and inspiring work in preparation for the SHINSAI event on Sunday.

What Wednesday Does is bring hope in the crevices. It warms, it warns us that we do have the power to do our part, whatever that may be.

What Wednesday did was make me happy. Just because.

Thank you, Wednesday. And thanks to all of you who continue to support the endeavors of this project which is shaping my life in so many unexpected ways!



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