Anna and her Chicago dispLAcement

Here’s Anna Keizer, Chicago-turned LA chick and writer extraordinaire for our first ever feature of “The Faces of project1979” series with a few lovely anecdotes about how she became the stellar person she is today.

How did you get into blogging, writing and being your wonderful self? I always enjoyed writing as a kid, but got away from it for a while. Shortly after starting film school, though, I realized that screenwriting was my passion. Since then, I’ve branched
out and really enjoy creative nonfiction as well. What’s unfolding for you in the next few months? I’ve been doing more work with online publications like The Zeros Before the One and weBEgirls, which has been a lot of fun. I’m hoping to soon complete the first half of my manuscript Nightwalking, which is a book of essays about the mortifying moments of my childhood. Also, I’m always starting, finishing or polishing a script.
One day, a Chicago girl headed out West, leaving behind memories, family and a love for that amazing city. What brought you out there? Initially it was graduate school. I was in Orange County for two years completing my MA in film studies before moving up to LA. What did it take for you to leave your comfort zone? That’s one of the reasons I went to grad school! I didn’t feel ready to jump from Chicago to LA, so I gave myself a few years to gently transition. By the time I moved to
Los Angeles, I felt way more mentally prepared than I would have straight from Chitown.
You’re a pretty positive lady. How do you do it? Oh boy… That’s a big question. I guess it comes down to not really having any other choice. If I don’t think I’m going to make it, or that I can’t make my dreams come true, then it won’t happen. If I want to accomplish my goals, then I really don’t have an alternative; I have to believe it.    Where do you draw your greatest inspiration? Without question from my father. He comes from a very different generation, so sometimes I think he doesn’t quite get the whole “writer” thing, but he’s always been 100% supportive. When I have those moments of self-doubt, I just think about how much I want to succeed for him.

What’s the biggest hurdle that you have loved tackling in your process of becoming the fabulous you? Hmm… Probably coming to a place of peace with uncertainty. I have always found comfort in familiarity and knowing exactly what’s expected of me and from where my next paycheck is coming. When I decided to seriously pursue writing, I realized I would have to give up those security blankets–at least in the beginning. It’s definitely been the biggest challenge so far in my career.                                                                                                                   What’s the highlight of your day? When a person tells me that they enjoyed something I wrote.  While I realize that might come off as totally douchey, I don’t mean it that way. I just love making people happy, and that’s always the biggest goal of my writing. (Not douchey-true! This girl is authentic, kind and always ready to help a brother/sister out.)

Theme song of your childhood? Anything by Duran Duran. Any memory attached to it? My big sister was a huge fan of them back in the day, so of course I was, too. Anytime I hear themon the radio now, it makes me think of all those posters plastered on my sister’s wall – and how mad she would get if I tried to sneak a peek at them! Her bedroom was totally off-limits to me.  (Did we have the same sister?)

When you look back at the decades of your life, what do you feel makes you proud to be part of our generation? This is so cliché, but I truly think that my generation experienced the last great age of innocence. Sometimes I might feel like a moron in comparison to the five-year-old who can school me with any tech gadget, but I’m glad that I didn’t grow up with cell phones and Facebook and YouTube. I would much rather my childhood be filled with memories of the Smurfs and My Little Pony.        Best piece of advice given or received? You are that which you seek.                      If you could get one thing back from your past, what would it be? I had this sweet scooter that was manually powered by a foot pedal; it was super unique, and I never met anyone else who owned one. I loved that thing, but of course my dad threw it out when I went off to college. I still dream about it from time to time.

Check out Miz Anna’s lovely work here:


4 Responses to “Anna and her Chicago dispLAcement”
  1. susan says:

    Anna, you are a fabulous person and that transcends in your writing. Keep going Girl!

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