Sunshine and Thank You!

Thanks to the AWESOME Starstorm of the Mixed Tape Masterpiece blog, I got nominated for a Sunshine award. Yippee! It made my day. Today, as I’m soaking in the warm California sun on our beloved Earth’s Day, I thought it appropriate to reply. A big THANK YOU to Jessseeker who ever-so-kindly nominated me for the “You Make Me Smile All Over My Face” award back in February (sorry to be so friggin late, dearie!).

I’m honored that two Freshly-Presseders included me in their amazing-ness! I’ve made some rockin friends in this blogging community and I am grateful for the new ones who read on and comment on my posts. Each post is a little stair step to my goal of creating a community that creates a performance (May 18th is our first performance!) and the readers, likers and commenters are helping me to persevere!

Here is the info on the Super Sweet SUNSHINE AWARD:

Sunshine Award Rules:

  1. Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
  2. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  3. Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers.
  4. Link your to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
  5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

1. Favorite color? Teal? Just joking but I’m so ready for that early 90’s color to make a comeback. Just ‘cuz it’s fun to say (and reminds me of taffeta prom dresses and big hair). I own a lot of black, really enjoy wearing turquoise and delight in putting as many colors together in an outfit as possible (Hello, Punky B!).
2. Favorite animal? Recently I’ve been paying a lot of attention to birds. It started when I saw a Bald Eagle while hiking a few weeks back. Then I just started to appreciate and notice all of the feathered creatures that filled my eyesight: Hawks, crows, Magpies, Blue Jays, Sparrows, Robbins, Trumpeter Swans. I appreciate their courage to trust where their wings and weather will take them, am awed by how they are able to make nests and love their language and use of song in communicating.
3. Favorite number? 11. I think it’s lucky but I don’t think I can prove whether it is or isn’t. It makes me feel happy when I stumble upon a clock that says 11:11-I try to stop and send warm happy thoughts to those I love when I catch that combo. (Habit borrowed and modified from an old friend’s usage).
4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Horchata (special occasions), Green tea (every day).
5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook-65% of  project1979’s script is based on Facebook comments.  I don’t get Twitter. Yet. And, it makes me dizzy. Any advise?
6. My passion? All things artistic but most especially directing, writing, and performing. I LOVE TO COOK!
7. Prefer getting or giving presents? I like doing both, especially when they are done on a surprise basis. I’m not a fan of the Christmas, wedding, baby or birthday half-to and love it when people brighten my day with a flower or cookie.
8. Favorite pattern? Polka dots.
9. Favorite day of the week? Wednesday. I rarely live a M-F week and it just feels like a hopeful, happy day for a lot of people.
10. Favorite flower? Jasmine. That flower is part of the architecture of my life because so many people I love or who have passed on are associated with it. But truly, I love all flowers and enjoy watching them in all of their life cycle.

My nominations:

Ashley Jillian: Her blog makes me happy as well as makes me think. She’s funny and a writer who entices with simplicity and subtle wit. I’m glad we happened upon each other!

Lesley CarterEveryone loves Lesley’s blog. She is able to weave anecdotes of her adventures and motivates me to keep feeding my passion for travel and life challenges.

Ana Turck: Um, hi, you little amazing poetic story teller-you! Ana has soul and her posts tell real-life stories that authentically open your heart (not in the Hallmark card way).

The Ranting Chef: Fun. Informative. Tasty. Comical. This guy loves food with a side smile and manipulates easy, tricky and delicious ingredients into fantastic dishes!

Sweet Ridge Sisters: This is one original concept-four sisters from a family of nine write about their experiences on the farm and out in the world. It’s delightful!

We Wander and Wonder: Their designs, sayings and thoughts are sweet and original and make me happy!

The LP Record: Making me smarter and more thoughtful every time I read a post.

A Creative Place to Be: I love this art and always get excited to see her near-daily posts.

365til30: A countdown to a lovely lady’s new decade. I turned 30 nearly three years ago and didn’t think about doing something so flavorful and fun to ring in my new digits!

Sophie Grumble: This blog has definite humor that is often rooted in the awkwardness of the time that I was growing up and (unfortunately) wearing mid-drift shirts.

Two Owls Calling: Thoughtful, insightful and spiritual. Something to read to get you excited about life!

Super Hero Underpants: The name says it all: irony and humor helping normal folk keep it real and have a great laugh while we’re at it!

And, of course Jessseeker, Mixed Tape Masterpiece, and Lux for being awesome and spreading love with words and good vibes!

Yeah! Happy Monday! Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

MWAH to all of your amazingly creative folks.

10 Responses to “Sunshine and Thank You!”
  1. Jessseeker says:

    You are most very welcome! Thoroughly deserved! Fancy joining me in taking over the world? 😉

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination!

  3. Sophie Grumble says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination. It brightened my day. =D

  4. Ana Turck says:

    There are the moments in one’s life when she realizes that world is not so sad and menacing and that there is a special bond of humanity that binds us all. Today, you made a war survivor smile with gratitude and unincumbered peace. Thank You!

    • project1979 says:

      Ana, your reply made my day. Truly. You are a gorgeous writer, even in the small things. And really, it’s the small things that usually matter most.
      I really love your work!

  5. Sophie Grumble says:

    My post is up! Thank you for the nomination. I really appreciate it. =)

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