Let it Be Said

Let it be said that: This is a crazy idea to try to connect a generation to the world when we are all so different. Let it be know that: Connecting people is the best part of the project. A fellow project1979er Claudia Hehr wrote this on my Facebook page a few days ago: To all … Continue reading

Into the Wild: the Met, Movement and Motherhood

Former Rockette Sarah Weber Gallo balances (pun intended) being a mom with her day job balleting at the Metropolitan Opera while squeezing in opportunities to create movement pieces outside of work. I met Super Sarah at the Indy Convergence a few weeks ago and understood shortly thereafter that she was a force to be reckoned … Continue reading

project1979: a week in photos

Photos better express the whirlwind week workshopping project1979 a the Indy Convergence: opening unexpected playful curious curious affectionate Words provided by four people sharing their thoughts of the experience so far. Please check out our campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/101333

Flashblog #1: Three women, two laptops, a pen and three PBR Tallboys

The following was written by three women who thought it would be a fun thing to do a 25 minute blog session about their first day at the Indy Convergence and see what they came up with: Me: FlashBlog 2012! Sarah [writing in pen (amazing)], Cindy and I are in the Sunken Ship to do … Continue reading

It begins…

Here is a little photodiary of the beginnings of my adventures at the Indy Convergence: (A great write-up about project1979 and my IndieGoGo campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/101333?a=441232 (last day with friends) (We say goodbye, dancing and laughing) (Sleeping Indian at dawn) ((Nina, a project1979er was on a flight at the same time, heading to Africa!) ((a bit sad … Continue reading

William Dewey on Writing: The World of Wicked Joy

Will (William) Dewey is an old college friend. We met first semester there and it stuck. I’m lucky, so lucky that he took the time to enter into this email conversation with me. He’s about to embark on a tour to present his latest book The Homeland of Pure Joy. In short, he’s awesome. Could … Continue reading

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