Flashblog #1: Three women, two laptops, a pen and three PBR Tallboys

The following was written by three women who thought it would be a fun thing to do a 25 minute blog session about their first day at the Indy Convergence and see what they came up with:


FlashBlog 2012! Sarah [writing in pen (amazing)], Cindy and I are in the Sunken Ship to do a twenty minute blast about our first impressions about today. I’m feeling a little left out because I don’t have a tattoo but people are welcoming and we are happy to be included in this Johnny-Cash-meets-early-90’s-muisic-blasting atmosphere.

I’d say we are all happy and tired after our “easy” day which started with yoga that was also “easy”. It then moved on to three workshops: found sound improvisations to accompany silent films (curiously delightful), performance improvisations , recorded group vocal improvisations and then physical improvisations. I, who love everything spontaneous, was totally in a happy place and yet sweetly challenged. For an “easy” day it was intense, fairly nonstop but it did end with a margarita so I won’t complain.

Cindy is a veteran of the Indy Convergence and both Sarah and I are here for the first time. Writers, bloggers, teachers, directors, storytellers, actors and amazing women, I’m so excited to work with them and the other 14 people in the group this week. Everyone in the group is multi-talented (VERY TALENTED), doing several things and happy about it. I must say that personally I find that both comforting and affirming that there are other people that like to work in several areas.

I will say the overriding thought during the day was: Holy moly-people my age made this happen? I knew that when I applied as I’ve wanted to be part of this artist-in-residency program since the Fall of 2008 when I met Caitlyn and Robert (founders and directors) at a party in Chicago. Yet today when I was sitting in this theater, being taught by and collaborating with a group of people mostly my age, I couldn’t get over that this whole thing came about from a few people (did I mention, about my age?) who had a great idea and ran with it. Now it’s become an intersection of culture, ideas and love for performance.

(“Pour Some Sugar on Me” is playing. Just thought I’d mention that…Quite appropriate, no?)

I am pretty sure that I am never come to a conclusion about anything that specifically defines Generation X/Y. Today at dinner we talked about cartoons. A simple thing which shifted my perception again…and I haven’t even begun rehearsals!

With this as my first stop on my three month adventure, how could things be anything short of amazing? At several points today I looked around the room at my peers and thought: yep, this is happening.


For me, an introverted, actually shy person who is scared of her own mind and what comes out of it sometimes, but more importantly, who is not comfortable in her own body, this is the adrenaline rush I need to move forward with my work. I asked my husband Dan why he is always SO supportive of me traveling to Indianapolis every year. His answer boiled down to the fact that I always return invigorated, I always return with a writing project finished or having taken great leaps, I always return creatively fulfilled as well as creatively exhausted.

I also always return with many new, good, even great friendships. After our dinner and this current Flash Blog in The Sinking Ship with tall PBR’s, I have to say that this year shows signs of one of the better experiences I could possibly predict.

Much more later, but there is my 2(5) minute Flash Blog!!! May 7th, 2012. Where and Who am I again? Ah yes, Cindy, and Indianapolis is the only place I’d like to be right now. 


Inevitably, what we create will have connections, mycellium will run beneath the surface, conveying messages between our individual projects so we won’t be able to help bringing thoughts, sensations, even gesture and song from one piece into another. As a playwright, it’s extremely inspiring to be working within this larger framework which involves so much expression in non-verbal forms like music and dance. I really look forward to getting to know one another and developing identities in the context of this pop-up company. Those identities will then inevitable influence the work. I can’t wait to see what I discover, what lights up and starts to pulsate.

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