Many things to say about the past ten days…

Gathering no moss and at a loss for a good internet connection, I have been collecting my thoughts to share in my notebook but not yet in a nice blogpost for ya’ll. It will come!

I will say this: going to the Indy Convergence and the Director’s Lab North in three weeks time was an insane thing that I might not try to replicate in the future. However, I wouldn’t change a thing-it totally informed the work that I am doing with project1979 and as a theater-maker in general. I met this amazing woman at the DLN, Elenna who is part of the team at ZED.TO who will be collaborating with project1979 on a new element we’ll be introducing to the experience…stay tuned! The cast at the Indy Convergence rocked my world with new ideas and a friggin’ awesome super-sized cell phone and disco computer.

I am here in Augsburg, Germany with Bluespots productions and things have begun with a bang. No rest for this wicked group of creative people. Talk about inspiring: along with Evan Tsitias, and with Leonie Pichler at the helm, we are in the middle of creating…well, magic! I will write later about Bluespots which is a hub of artistry in the heart of this Bavarian university city.

But, for now-PHOTOS:

1. My last day in Chicago my niece helped me to make a video for my Indiegogo campaign. It went well and although we did not make the goal with Indiegogo, we have almost reached it with private donations.

2. I went to Toronto for the Director’s Lab.

3. I got on a plane to Germany:

3. I was stuck in transit for awhile after being stuck in Newfoundland for 5 hours to arrest a passenger.

4. I arrived.

4 Responses to “Arrived!”
  1. k.c. says:

    I’m glad you made it, and excited to see what is to come 🙂 Btw- What are the fried things in the bowl in the last photo?

  2. Lasorella says:

    I swear you have had the most interesting things happen to you while traveling! Newfoundland. Lol. What were they arresting him for? Anyway, we think about you every day and wonder what you are up to in the Eurozone! Keep blogging when you can!!

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