Desperately Seeking Jessica

A few months back, I asked this lovely writer for a little interview for “The Faces of project1979” feature. We met when I became enamored of her blog about life and nostalgia (seeking theme here, yes). As I am in her home country, preparing for project1979: London I thought I’d get this lady’s life out here for you all to read. Enjoy!

Could you describe what you do? Well, I don’t wish to show off, but I seem to have perfected the fine art of making a complete tit of myself on an almost daily basis. I also talk too much.

How did you get into blogging, writing and being your wonderful self? I spent much of my childhood defending myself from my four brothers’ latest Nerf gun / water pistol / snow ball attack, locking them in the shed for holding Miss Piggy captive, falling out of trees, pining after a Magna Doodle (when all I had was a lousy Etch a Sketch) and trying to fathom my best friend’s Mr. Frosty ice maker.

I studied English at University and graduated with honours in 2005. Clearly the next logical step was to overlook my hard-earned degree and work at an online bank for the next six and a half years.

It was only recently, when made redundant, that I decided to have a mature conversation with my older brother about career options. He suggested something quite brilliant:Do something you enjoy”.

Which brings me here.

What’s unfolding for you in the next few months? I’m still seeking a day job, to cover the mortgage repayments, but as a sideline – I plan to take over the world with my blog.

What did it take for you to get to where you are today? Hard work, determination, love, laughter and lots of peanut butter sandwiches.

You’re a pretty positive lady. How do you do it? I think very nearly dying once really helped. It made me realise that life is frickin’ awesome and that you should savour every second.

I am also fortunate enough to love and be loved. When you’ve got that, you don’t need anything else.

Where do you draw your greatest inspiration? My mother has always inspired me. She was a music journalist in the sixties and seventies. I once tried to Google one of her articles at work (“The Contents of Freddie Mercury’s Pants are His Alone”) and the firewall blocked it for being too rude.

She’s an utter legend.

What’s the biggest hurdle that you’ve loved tackling in your process of becoming the fabulous you? Life itself can be challenging. I once forgot to wear cycling shorts beneath my school dress and proceeded to inadvertently flash my knickers to all the boys in the playground whilst practising handstands.


I have also been known to cut my own fringe, pluck my eyebrows and dye my hair. Never successfully.

As a college student I learnt that University officials prefer not to liaise with kitchen appliances when congratulating you on exam results. “Hi this is the tumble dryer. The answering machine can’t get to the phone right now, so please leave a message after the beep”.

I accidentally went to work once with my jumper on inside out; that certainly raised a few eyebrows. Most recently, I virtually crippled myself by choosing to walk three miles home in four inch heels.

So the biggest hurdle I’ve faced is growing up, living life and trying to be me. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What’s the highlight of your day? Laughing with my husband. Every single day; without fail.

Theme song of your childhood? Most definitely The Fresh Prince of Bel Air! I finally learnt all of the words in 1993, which was the proudest moment of my entire life – until I got Freshly Pressed this February.

When you look back at the decades of your life, what do you feel makes you proud to be part of our generation? I think we deserve credit for all the hours we devoted to recording our favourite songs onto mix-tapes. That took dedication.

I also love that we spent our childhoods outdoors – building dens, jumping off swings, riding bikes, grazing knees and only coming home when it got dark.

Best piece of advice given or received? The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” (Steve Jobs). I like to think of myself as a square peg in a round hole. That’s my excuse anyway.


If you could get one thing back from your past, what would it be? I would warmly welcome the return of my twenty-six inch waist. I really miss it.

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  1. Jessseeker says:

    Reblogged this on jessseeker and commented:
    Could you describe what you do? Well, I don’t wish to show off, but I seem to have perfected the fine art of making a complete tit of myself on an almost daily basis. I also talk too much.

  2. Jessseeker says:

    Thank you! This interview shall take pride of place in a picture frame, above the fireplace – next to my 50 metres swimming certificate. 😀

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