LA project1979: a hangout with Cindy Marie Jenkins and Alice Venessa Bever

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Project1979 and Student Loans

Here’s a little video about how Student Loans started project1979! Enjoy ūüôā

Reality Check

Dear my greatest generation, Today a¬†friend of proeject1979 posted this on my wall today: Edward Scissorhands:¬†I was in awe of that gorgeous snow scene. Loved JD and Winona fiercely. Felt enchanted out of my 10-year-old awkward world…Wait? I was 10? 10 years old? How did this happen? How do these others make you feel? I … Continue reading

Countdown to LA

project1979 will soon be back in action… Thursday evening in Los Angeles! Stay tuned!

Who’s on First?

Over time,¬†humanity aligns itself with things that work and discards things that don’t. -Buzz Aldrin What is your first memory of space?

Originally posted on Cindy Marie Jenkins:
Stay Then Go is the story of the sacrifices one mother must make in order for her autistic son to live a productive and dignified life. STAY THEN GO will bring some light to these issues by way of a story- of a mother and her son. And not…



Originally posted on project1979:
Faces of project1979 returns with a trailblazer! First thing on the brain today: Susan.¬†I haven’t technically¬†interviewed her and might not get the chance but since it is my blog I get to bend the rules ūüôā Here’s a mention of her lovely self back in January:¬† Susan came to Rome after…


things falling apart is a kind of testing and also a kind of healing -pema chodron On Wednesday I came home and started making dinner (So I wasn’t making a pie. But I will. One day. When I am done¬†¬†applying¬†for things). Stuffed peppers,¬†re-purposed¬†leftovers to be precise. But they were going to be good. I poured … Continue reading

Originally posted on K'Brocking:
You think you’re scared watching ghost movies like the “Paranormal Activity” franchise? Well, why don’t you try watching the original “Amityville Horror”, film starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder. This is a perfect film to watch with all the lights off, and you’ll probably have nightmares watching it. This film…

Anny Reads and Rolls

Despre cńÉr»õi, oameni »ôi impresii

Poems & People

what if poems could be symphonies, and people their orchestra?

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