Reality Check

Dear my greatest generation,

Today a friend of proeject1979 posted this on my wall today:

Edward Scissorhands: I was in awe of that gorgeous snow scene. Loved JD and Winona fiercely. Felt enchanted out of my 10-year-old awkward world…Wait? I was 10? 10 years old? How did this happen? How do these others make you feel? I also remember when I saw the first DVD and my mom said they’d soon be replacing the VHS at the video store and it seemed so hard to believe.

Thinking back to that lovely senior year. It was fall and it was Homecoming time. I didn’t wear a jersey the whole time I went to that school. What ended? Well, in October when I was 17 I had just ended my relationship with J.B. Does that count? When I say ended, I mean that we decided to “take some time”. He wrote me a note that said he loved me on Monday and then the next day he was walking down the hall with a certain Katie (who happened to be my neighbor). So that week I decided to combat my crushed ego by wearing lots of plaid. Then I would go home and hope “Swallowed” by Bush was on MTV and have a good cry with my dog Daisy on one side, a bag of Doritos on the other.

He wrote me an email 7 years later to apologize. In an email full of spelling errors just like in the notes he used to write me! I accepted his apology but not his typos. Have you ever had a high school/college boyfriend/girlfriend who apologized a long time after the fact? Oh, and we also got a new computer this time 16 years ago. A Gateway. We had internet but I had not idea what I could possibly need it for. My sister begrudgingly tried to teach me how to search for things but I kept thinking that it seemed a) confusing and b) unnecessary. Didn’t we have encyclopedias for that? What ended in your life 16 years ago? When did you get your first computer?

Twenty years ago I had just moved from California to Iowa. I still had braces but they were about to come off and my sister let me borrow her Ugg boots which were popular in California at that time. In 1992 in Iowa, not so much. Paradoxical because they might have actually come in handy in the Midwest but I was so mortified by all the 8th grade boys who teased me that I never wore them again. Where were you 20 years ago? Biggest fashion flop of middle school?

It’s nice sharing a little food for thought for a Sunday afternoon. Something I’m thinking about but still don’t have the answer is where I’ll be in 11 years.  And will we still have Ipod’s at that point? Where do you think you’ll be in 11 years?



P.S. I hope you’ll be able to come to the show on Thursday! It’s about dreams, past and present. I think I want to do a montage of TV impersonations from our childhood. I’ve got “Little House on the Prairie”, “Family Ties” and “The Cosby Show” in the works. What else would you suggest?

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