You are Here?

Try you best for the future. Don’t waste time. Everyone has to make something out of himself.


In June, I collaborated with the folks of Bluespots productions on a project for World Refugee Day. I lived with refugees and artists in a space called The Grand Hotel for about three weeks.


What I learned there changed me. Even though the amount of stories I was able to collect were few, what I learned is that people who have been through what they have and can still find a reason to play music are people who know how to live.

These past few months have been tricky for me and in a result project1979 has also had it’s challenges. When I returned to the States I was convinced on concentrating 100 per cent on getting funding for project1979. I am an optimist, often an idealist. If I weren’t I would have never started this experience to begin with. So I applied for grants and proposed this project to festivals. The upside it that we were finalists for two and on the short list for SXSW Interactive which was a true honor. On the downside, I’ve run out of money and haven’t gotten any of the grants I’d applied for.

In short, I’ve been in a funk since December when the last no passed through my inbox. I was beginning to considering retiring the headband.


I’ve been caught up in failure, in not being enough, in feeling like this whole thing might go down in flames. Out of money, I’m beginning to wonder how I can keep this going.

Yet somehow today I was able to return to the roots of this project. To create an opportunity for people to share their stories, unique to themselves and to this generation which, although yet to be defined, is a generation which is different from X, from Millenials and is making major contributions to what our world is looking like right now.


One of the things that brought me back was looking at some of my transcripts from interviews.

An interview that I have yet to publish, was of Farhadj Jooyenda an Afghan refugee living in Augsburg, Germany. I hope that my fear of not doing his story justice will not get in the way of me writing about his unforgettable and painful experience regarding how he ended up being smuggled to Germany less than two years ago.

Try you best for the future. Don’t waste time. Everyone has to make something out of himself.

Today I took at look at Cowbird  and came across this story:

I never knew how it felt to move by choice.
To drive through endless cornfields in Nebraska.
To drive across unimaginable landscapes in Utah.
To camp in Zion National Park.
To spend a night stargazing.
To drive through the hot desert in Nevada.
Finally to arrive at the ocean.
I saw the sunrise and sunset in the same day.
I stopped and took off when I felt like it.
Every mile I drove healed my heart.
I felt free every minute.
Free from my fears of entrapment.
Free from my fears of being a refugee.
Free from my fears of my past.
My heart is big and free as this land.
I have recovered.

A refugee living in the States and another project1979 er who is teaching the world the courage to choose to live.

I don’t know where the money is going to come from but I am going to keep going on my efforts to celebrate this generation and encourage stories like these to be exchanged between us. Thanks to people I’ve met along the way and those I have cannot wait to encounter!


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