A Return

Right now my life seems to resemble a series of unfinished short stories.

To be fair, that is not due only to the fact that my computer no longer works and I am forced to endure potentially carpel tunnel-causing injuries when using my weary iPhone ALL THE TIME. In the midst of dream-making, real life stuff happened and tested, tested and tested just how much I REALLY want to continue.

AND continue I will.

For starters, I just finished a lovely road trip in which I was reunited with nearly all of my European collaborators from the project1979 summer tour.

alice and trey 1

positive east/mt. Kilimanjaro

Brussels Reunion 943051_10151382267450064_145336789_n

It was a beautiful thing to connect with these lovely folks after ten months. Nearly all of them have had some really big events occur. Trey, for starters, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for Positive East (the organization project1979’s performance helped raise money for). I got to be in London for the check presentation-such a wonderful synchronicity.

After nearly two year of chasing her dreams, Anna has finally landed a job at UNI trade union in Brussels and Diego (Rome) from Die Stille has relocated to London. I’m impressed.

In fact, I’m impressed with all of our resiliency and ingenuity. I’ve watched Indy Convergence‘s Robert dedicate his winter and spring to developing a satellite ongoing arts organization in Haiti, friends start families, have babies, change jobs…It has been inspiring to observe so many of you do such wonderful things.

As I reflect on this year, I continue to be grateful for all the people who are brave enough to live fully and take on the challenges that are being presented to us. A dear family member (30) is battling a sudden and mysterious illness and yet he’s already planning the things he’ll do make the best of his experience in the hospital. Yes, we are actually pretty fab.

Onward, people (and I’m taking my own advice here as well)! In spite of the hurdles, ONWARD.




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