Reality: Los Colorados

Here in Italy at the moment after four and a half months China. I have had little access to internet in the past few months between China )no social media!) and traveling/couch-surfing. Finally, I have stolen a moment between lessons and rehearsals to write about lovely people I met in 2012 while in Berlin that are in need of your support.

Los Colorados!

This is me wearing their concert shirt when I was on tour.  It makes me happy. In fact I am wearing it now!


They debuted with ‘Hot and Cold’ on the Ellen Show a few years back (from 1.12):

They have made a lot of people smile with their renditions of popular 90’s songs re-vamped with a whimsical Ukrainian touch. For me, it was love at first sight after I heard this:

Now this group who have worked so hard to be where they are are stuck in the madness of the current situation in the Ukraine.

Here is their latest status update:

Dear friends and relatives of our band, the situation is really hard in Ukraine now. All fun and joy is over. The future of our Nation is now in our hands. All we can ask is to pray for Ukraine all over the world, because we believe that God is with us. And please pray for the Heroes that died and were hurt these days. Right now we can’t play music and perform gigs, we hope you’ll understand us. Thank you for your support. Together we stand, divided we fall.
At the moment, there is a residing feeling of impotence in respect to the current world situations which surrounds our generation. We cannot singlehandedly change the outcome of the people in Syria, Venezuela or the Ukraine. However, in a modest attempt to combat apathy, I implore you good folk to put these faces with the reality that you might be watching on TV. Their dreams and ambitions and capabilities are more than on hold, they are at risk, as they have now found themselves in a situation preventing them from traveling, performing and working on what they have worked for years to achieve. If you feel so inclined, send them a shout out of solidarity on their facebook page. In the very least, let’s just try to consider ourselves lucky for our freedom to be ourselves today.

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