project1979 turns 40

The journey continues.

I started this blog in response to feeling very….30 and also feeling like the generation I connected with was special. I still feel that it is. I thought it would be worth it to experiment on a project attempting to highlight people all over the world who were born in a tiny slice of a generation which wasn’t exactly definable.

Since then, our generation has done a lot of shifting. Smartphones are the rule, people twenty years younger than us are dancing to the music that we loved in high school and calling it retro and the world “influencer” has taken on a new meaning. At the beginning of our 30s many were settling in to their careers, settling in to partnerships, settling in to the versions of themselves with new responsibilities. Since starting this experience, I’ve lived in Jackson Hole, London, China, Italy, Jackson Hole, Italy, Germany and Italy where I’ve been for the last three and a half years-a record for me. In fact, this month will mark the longest time I’ve lived anywhere since I was 18. Where will I be this time next year?

What do I have to celebrate? For starters, I’ve lived through a decade. I’m more resilient. Life has been messy and fun and I’m still here. That’s something that definitely deserves a little delizia al limone!

Happy anniversary to me!

In these years we all have grown up. There is continuing nostalgia for our lives as the last generation to know how to effectively use a pencil to wind our cassette tapes. Actually we are the last generation to fully understand the complex relationship between the cassette tape, the radio and that one tense moment of pressing record so you could get the first notes of Tone Loc on your mix tape.

We are the children of Baby Boomers and in these last eight years those parents have aged, they are aging. We are now faced with decisions of care, retirement, support. Many of us have lost parents already and partners or our own selves are now familiar with various diagnosis which seemed remote several years ago and are now impending situations to learn how to navigate. And in all of that there arises a new identity of caregiver or patient to reconcile with.

We’ve lost friends; there have been divorces and births and reunions and changed careers. We’ve all done our fair share of growing and aging. We are still getting up every day to do the best we know how to do for ourselves, for those who love us and whom we love. We are still in the process of finding our way.

On this first day of my last month “being 30” I’m reflecting on the road I’ve travelled since starting this endeavour. I found a few grey hairs last month and need major dental work that I’m putting off. I still have student loans. I now am the aunt of three.

Childless, unmarried, relatively happy, unsettled by the times, full of ideas for the future: in those aspects nothing has changed for me. However, a great deal has changed in how I see that world and my place within it. If I could go back in time to that day I started this project, a sort of love letter to my generation, I would whisper this in my ear:

It isn’t about the destination.

That’s right.

I’m here with no final product to speak of, including myself. What I could or should represent in this generation is just as illusive to me as it was in 2011.

Yet I think I’ll keep writing and hope in earnest that part of my journey might have resonance with yours.

Show your hidden beauty.
2 Responses to “project1979 turns 40”
  1. You blossom as you grow and a contribution to the lives of those who know you. So happy our paths have crossed.
    And what about your living in Michigan??!!
    Ha. Still time for Chicago? 😘

    • project1979 says:

      🙂 ha! Michigan and Chicago were pre-project1979. But I’ll never take them for granted. How formative they were…especially with people like you to inspire me to take chances and live big!

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