Inspiring Monday: Because You Can

Seth Godin has some inspiring advice for all of us who care about doing great work but might be struggling. When we do start to make the money we might need to make us comfortable, may we ponder this: “I’m making money, why do more?” Because more than you need to makes it personal. Because … Continue reading

what’s happening, hot stuff?

  project1979 spent this weekend filming our pilot in rome. a beautiful experience. THANK YOU to all involved.        

The Singing VCR

The last post sparked my curiosity of the films I treasured in 1986/1987.  Then I thought about the music… Here some of my favorite music scenes (in no specific order).  All of them I watched as a kid during family movie night (Saturdays), at slumber parties or with my sister: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1987).  ‘Nuff said: … Continue reading

Calling it merry, so.

On a rampage to be comforted from this strangely stressful period in my life, I sought solace in Netflix.  I wanted to perform a age-old ritual I’d held during the holiday season since my youth: Christmas movies, cookies and crafts. My town doesn’t have a movie rental store (Rebox does NOT count) so Netflix it … Continue reading

slapping your skip it: shut your trapper keeper!

i am really grateful.  as the project evolves, i get more and more amazed at the coolness of our generation and the great qualities of the human spirit.  i realize that challenges are great and creativity is amazing.  and all that stuff.  without gratitude and wonder all of this work seems senseless. there are speed … Continue reading

the beginning and thank you

happy friday! (dedicated to rosario, the man above, who could do the best louis armstrong impression-and could sing like a bird.) these shoes remind me of something? back to the future. which leads me to the list of movies that we’re dicing and splicing for the performance friday: ferris buehler’s day off, goonies, breakfast club and … Continue reading

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