At the moment, I mean in this moment right now I am repeating to myself: isuckisuckisuckisuck a mantra I would like to backspace right now. But then I’d be lying. I’ve written two blogposts in the the last month. Didn’t manage to make them perfect so they are still in drafts. Most days I wake … Continue reading

What Time is IT?

What time is it? It’s BIRTHDAY TIME! Come dance with me… …because it’s my first day of being thankfully, fully in my mid-30’s and I am feeling grateful that I made it. This song exemplifies what I feel on this perfect cloudy London day. I sing it nearly every day: This year which has  stretched … Continue reading

Inspiring: Monday and Winning The Oscars

I am inspired by the director and writers of Beast of the Southern Wild, two 30-something dreamers who made a beautiful film. Although that film was  nominated for several awards, it did not get an Oscar. However, I applaud those who made this poetic expression mainstream while keeping it real. I admire that this film … Continue reading

Free Gift from The Princess Bride: As You Wish!

Happy Tuesday! Dreams continue to be fulfilled, even after 25 years.   We all need to dream, and even at 33 I still love to relive the fantasies I had as a child. It keeps me alive! You? What do you do to stay alive? Here is the free gift for all who read this … Continue reading

what’s happening, hot stuff?

  project1979 spent this weekend filming our pilot in rome. a beautiful experience. THANK YOU to all involved.        

Inspiring Monday: A New Soul

I am in LOVE with this: SOUL RECOVERY PROJECT Created by a few super-Creativi hailing from the fair city of Naples, Italy, this collaboration is part poetry/part video/part magic. Documenting daily images, one minute at a time. Link to the page: Here’s what you do: 1. Take a video (cellphones suffice) of an image … Continue reading

Dance Walking, Inspiring Monday!

New Year, New Point of View? Get those shoes on and dance walk your way to a happy 2013! Yes and YES! Here’s to a great start to your week…a little something called Dance Walking made famous by two folks of the project1979 persuasion. Enjoy! I think Jane would approve, don’t you?

Jackson Hole: just come as you are

A project1979 video collaboration with Dishing Magazine on the life of one of the main hubs of my “hometown”. Featuring the late Susan Garlow, a wonderful supporter and friend of project1979 and former Jackson resident.  

Raging Against the Machine: Record This!

A project1979 friend of mine wrote this on his status today: Feeling a little older today…Rage against the machine’s first album turn’s 20. I remember buying it on tape at the end of 8th grade…that was a long time ago…but it still is an amazing album…gonna kick ass and blast it into my ears at … Continue reading

Countdown to LA

project1979 will soon be back in action… Thursday evening in Los Angeles! Stay tuned!

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