Madonna, Jackson and project1979

Getting geared up for the next project1979 show on Thursday! It will be a heavily musical show so we decided to ask the question: What is your favorite Madonna song/video?  

Reality Check

Dear my greatest generation, Today a friend of proeject1979 posted this on my wall today: Edward Scissorhands: I was in awe of that gorgeous snow scene. Loved JD and Winona fiercely. Felt enchanted out of my 10-year-old awkward world…Wait? I was 10? 10 years old? How did this happen? How do these others make you feel? I … Continue reading

Wednesday Music Video Mash-up

Why not? Asked this question on the FB page for the web series pilot we’re working on: What was your  favorite childhood/adolescent video? Here’s a playlist brought to you directly from our lovely project1979 FB community! Enjoy 🙂 I didn’t choose them (okay, except for the last three) but love them all. Viva the MTV generation! … Continue reading

And Yet, We Thrive: Lynn Lammers on Theater, Michigan and Axl Rose

The Faces of project1979: Take Four Lynn Lammers: One talented Theater Diva. We crossed paths only briefly at Michigan State University but I’ve kept up with her ever since. It didn’t take me long to realize that she meant business: this woman is driven! The best thing about her work as a theater artist is … Continue reading

Anna and her Chicago dispLAcement

Here’s Anna Keizer, Chicago-turned LA chick and writer extraordinaire for our first ever feature of “The Faces of project1979” series with a few lovely anecdotes about how she became the stellar person she is today. How did you get into blogging, writing and being your wonderful self? I always enjoyed writing as a kid, but got away … Continue reading

Don’t blink

What’s going to happen in the next month (Welcome back, by-the-way) is that project1979 is getting a big ole booster which will shoot over to Indianapolis and then Europe and then not stop till August. Yep, it’s really happening. (Because of you.) Right now I’m compiling the interviews, the pictures, the videos, the facebook statuses, … Continue reading

in memorandum-a reblog

I read this today on a FB friend’s page and thought it was sincerely well-written. Catch the full article by Michael Marotta at: In the end, life is a struggle, even for those who seem to have (almost) had it all — double so for anyone who chooses to make articulating that struggle through … Continue reading

The Singing VCR

The last post sparked my curiosity of the films I treasured in 1986/1987.  Then I thought about the music… Here some of my favorite music scenes (in no specific order).  All of them I watched as a kid during family movie night (Saturdays), at slumber parties or with my sister: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1987).  ‘Nuff said: … Continue reading

internet killed the video star: saturday night and the reign of youtube

my father had a strange idea of father-daughter bonding.  once a summer, when i was home from college, he would insist on waking me up at 3am and we’d drive to bardstown, ky to visit his friends (monks and kathleen the cafeteria manager) at gethsemane monastery.  i rarely savored the drive or the imposed early wake up to make … Continue reading

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