Who’s game?

Things are going pretty fast around here. And, it’s fun. In five weeks I’ll be at the Indy Convergence with other FABULOUS artists. Learning. Teaching. And…most importantly…debuting project1979 in all of its’ glory! (Excited much?) A new video series. Starting rehearsals next week… Writing, or rather piecing together people’s quotes, replies to the blog, emails, facebook … Continue reading

The Faces of project1979

A photographer, a writer, a food scientist, a motorcross racer, an artist and a playwright… New York, LA, London, Italy and New Jersey. -Some of the faces of project1979. In a few days we’ll be posting short interviews about these amazing people. You’ll learn about their lives, their work and maybe even smile a little … Continue reading

Don’t blink

What’s going to happen in the next month (Welcome back, by-the-way) is that project1979 is getting a big ole booster which will shoot over to Indianapolis and then Europe and then not stop till August. Yep, it’s really happening. (Because of you.) Right now I’m compiling the interviews, the pictures, the videos, the facebook statuses, … Continue reading

Lip Syncing: The lost art

Lip Sync (Lip Synch):  to pretend to sing or say in synchronization with recorded sound (Webster’s) I grew up lip syncing.  This was way before Milli, of course.  I do sing, I did then, too.  But really, I just loved to pretend I was someone else.  Coming of age when CD’s were readily available, the … Continue reading

in memorandum-a reblog

I read this today on a FB friend’s page and thought it was sincerely well-written. Catch the full article by Michael Marotta at:  http://blog.thephoenix.com/blogs/onthedownload/archive/2012/02/13/in-memoriam-whitney-houston-1963-2012.aspx In the end, life is a struggle, even for those who seem to have (almost) had it all — double so for anyone who chooses to make articulating that struggle through … Continue reading

The Singing VCR

The last post sparked my curiosity of the films I treasured in 1986/1987.  Then I thought about the music… Here some of my favorite music scenes (in no specific order).  All of them I watched as a kid during family movie night (Saturdays), at slumber parties or with my sister: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1987).  ‘Nuff said: … Continue reading

Saving all of my love

Two down. Nearly three years ago Michael Jackson passed away mysteriously, in shadow-land ever since several controversies that we won’t go into.  Anecdote:  When living in Italy I bought a M. Jackson CD at a newsstand.  2003.  My musical tastes  were soon questioned by friends and acquaintances.  Now, remix after remix Mr. J is once … Continue reading

Don’t stop believin’: Part I

Hi.  My name is…(standard) I really love your work…(butt-kissing) Hello.  You look exactly how I pictured you…(untrue) Ciao!  Do you like pasta?…(Italian) You need me!…(kinda weird) None of these phrases were uttered by yours truly to famous filmmaker who is working on a big-time flick in her little-bittie mountain town.  Nope.  Said nothing.  In fact, in the … Continue reading

World’s best whistler

wow. i have no words for this awesomeness. soulful whistling. yes!

internet killed the video star: saturday night and the reign of youtube

my father had a strange idea of father-daughter bonding.  once a summer, when i was home from college, he would insist on waking me up at 3am and we’d drive to bardstown, ky to visit his friends (monks and kathleen the cafeteria manager) at gethsemane monastery.  i rarely savored the drive or the imposed early wake up to make … Continue reading

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Thought Catalog is a digital youth culture magazine dedicated to your stories and ideas.


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