Inspiring: Monday and Winning The Oscars

I am inspired by the director and writers of Beast of the Southern Wild, two 30-something dreamers who made a beautiful film. Although that film was  nominated for several awards, it did not get an Oscar. However, I applaud those who made this poetic expression mainstream while keeping it real. I admire that this film … Continue reading

Top 10 Oscar Nominees: 30-something category

This is the YEAR OF THE 30-somethings. Case in point: 1. Beast of the Southern Wild: directed by Benh Zeitlin (1982) who co-wrote the screenplay with childhood friend Lucy Alibar (1982) who says she “found influence in films like “Babe” (1995) and Steven Spielberg’s “E.T.” (1982)”, Best Picture Nominee and Best Directing Nominee 2. No: Takes place in the 198o’s in … Continue reading

Austin Tice: A Petition for Life

Please take the time to sign this petition: It matters. The people of Syria matter. A young journalist with dreams to show the face of war matters. YOU matter and by signing this you are saying NO to the apathy that often plagues our generation. THANK YOU!

Austin Tice: We Are With You

Austin Tice is just another 30-something in pursuit of his dreams. We kill ourselves every day with McDonald’s and alcohol and a thousand other drugs, but we’ve lost the sense that there actually are things out there worth dying for. … So that’s why I came here to Syria, and it’s why I like being … Continue reading

1 Billion Rising Rome!

Here’s a little video diary about the magical V-Day in Rome. Enjoy 🙂 project1979 was proud to represent.

One Billion Rising: Vday and project1979

In solidarity against indifference and apathy, tomorrow I’ll be at the Colosseum and Spanish Steps in Rome to dance my fanny off for One Billion Rising. I am psyched! I think I’ll wear my boots. And I’ll be dancing for this woman in particular who was part of the project1979 London edition: I am also rising for … Continue reading

Free Gift from The Princess Bride: As You Wish!

Happy Tuesday! Dreams continue to be fulfilled, even after 25 years.   We all need to dream, and even at 33 I still love to relive the fantasies I had as a child. It keeps me alive! You? What do you do to stay alive? Here is the free gift for all who read this … Continue reading

what’s happening, hot stuff?

  project1979 spent this weekend filming our pilot in rome. a beautiful experience. THANK YOU to all involved.        

Inspiring Monday: A New Soul

I am in LOVE with this: SOUL RECOVERY PROJECT Created by a few super-Creativi hailing from the fair city of Naples, Italy, this collaboration is part poetry/part video/part magic. Documenting daily images, one minute at a time. Link to the page: Here’s what you do: 1. Take a video (cellphones suffice) of an image … Continue reading

Inspiring Monday: I cannot sit idly by,

I cannot sit idly by. About 50 years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote a letter while being imprisoned in Birmingham. He was a year older than I am now. A year ago I was here: And, of the many things that he wrote in that letter, I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta … Continue reading

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