LA project1979: a hangout with Cindy Marie Jenkins and Alice Venessa Bever

We’re Live! Join the conversation 🙂

Project1979 and Student Loans

Here’s a little video about how Student Loans started project1979! Enjoy 🙂

Perspective and How to Hug your 18-year-old self

Hello world! One of the questions I am asking folk in this big, bad experiment we know and love is this: What advice would you give to an 18-year-old/to your 18-year-old self? I love the responses. And as soon as I get done preparing for this awesome web series pilot, I’d like to put together … Continue reading

The Beast That Swallows Its Young, or Student Loans

I want to get real. One of the top reasons I started this project was to save myself from the impending weight of ugly apathy stemming from debt. A year ago, I acknowledged via an inappropriate Facebook rant that I’d been paying off my student loans for 10 years and because my private loans … Continue reading

Hatchbacks to Freedom

At four AM this morning I was thinking of my parents. I was also making a list of things I’d like to do today and wrote both an email and a part of a poem in my head. But that’s besides the point. While that grand old laundry list (Where does that phrasal noun come … Continue reading

Project report

It’s been a great week.  I’ve surrendered (if only slightly) to the understanding that I cannot do everything so I’m trying to focus on the most important things regarding the project…like going to some really cool places this Spring and Summer.  I’ll being doing project 1979 in a few languages! In staying true to my commitment to … Continue reading

thirty-two, counting and counted? check yes or no.

let’s revolt?  let’s revolt!  or not.  let’s discuss, shall we? how has wall street affected your life in the last three decades? but first, a few things about the project1979 production process: one-we’ve got a logo!  yes!  i’m so fortunate to have a team of very talented people who are willing to do GREAT work … Continue reading

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what if poems could be symphonies, and people their orchestra?



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