Free Gift from The Princess Bride: As You Wish!

Happy Tuesday! Dreams continue to be fulfilled, even after 25 years.   We all need to dream, and even at 33 I still love to relive the fantasies I had as a child. It keeps me alive! You? What do you do to stay alive? Here is the free gift for all who read this … Continue reading

Travel Log #4: Dream Big

Traveling back in time today. About a year ago I made this video: Here are some from around that time: (How many people have worn these pants since?   (photo credit Kate Crafton) This last photo was taken almost exactly a year ago at a wedding for  a dear friend. I reconnected with a bunch … Continue reading

How We Are Going To Get Things Done in Six Weeks

The countdown begins before this lovely lil experiment gets to show its purty face to the world in Indianapolis, then Germany, Brussels and Italy. To prevent myself from being frozen in fear, I’m happily documenting the process with a new video series called “How We Are Going to Get Things Done in Six Weeks”. Which … Continue reading

internet killed the video star: saturday night and the reign of youtube

my father had a strange idea of father-daughter bonding.  once a summer, when i was home from college, he would insist on waking me up at 3am and we’d drive to bardstown, ky to visit his friends (monks and kathleen the cafeteria manager) at gethsemane monastery.  i rarely savored the drive or the imposed early wake up to make … Continue reading

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Thought Catalog is a digital youth culture magazine dedicated to your stories and ideas.


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