Get Involved

Feel free to contribute via:

212 Ladue/Mt. Carmel, IL 62863

Or if you have another preferred way of communicating (I dunno, messenger pigeons? bottles in the sea, telepathy), we are all ears!

If you are interested in hosting a project1979 performance, please contact:


7 Responses to “Get Involved”
  1. Amy says:

    My first experience with a cell phone was back in high school, when I was the study hall TA (haha – pretty ludicrous in itself). This “teacher” I assisted had a cell phone on her desk that she was very showboaty about answering. It had a looong antennae. Other than that, it was all about pagers.

    • project1979 says:

      oh my! you actually used a cell phone in high school? i totally didn’t use one until my senior year in college. really. but my dad had a car phone which he thought was way cool. it was hooked up to the roof of the car. pagers-totally. did you ever have one? i wasn’t cool enough…

  2. jessseeker says:

    As one of my favourite bloggers in the whole wide world, I’ve nominated you for a fancy schmancy award. Hope you like it…

    • project1979 says:

      I am just responding now…oops! But you know, of course, I do THANK YOU.
      1. For being so darn awesome and
      2. For being kind enough to have nominated me for this!

  3. Very ambitious! I look forward to seeing how Project 1979 moves forward!

    • project1979 says:

      Thank you! Would love to chat with you some time about your insights! It looks like you are on a beautiful path towards discovering great ways of storytelling. Are you on Skype?

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